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Our handblown artisan glass creations and designer handmade ceramics are a perfect way to bring the much-loved style of Italian homewares into your home. These unique decorative glass dishes, crafted from the world famous glass from the island of Murano, Venice, are wonderful examples of the finest Italian art glass. Glass from Murano is celebrated for its irregular surface, which magnifies the light’s refractions.

To create this handblown Italian art glass, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti employ glass-fusing techniques that go back thousands of years. They combine this ancient art with modern taste and creativity – and tireless research – to produce unique artisan glass design objects.

Alongside these are our handmade designer ceramics items from Fonderia Bucci, which is now run by Gabriele Bucci, the nephew and disciple of Franco Bucci, recognised as one of the most important ceramicists and designers.

For any followers of Italian homewares or handmade homewares, these artisan creations will be of great interest – with each being truly one of a kind thanks to the skilfully handcrafted nature of these characterful art objects.

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