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Why choose ceramic and porcelain?

If you wish to create a fine-dining experience in your own home, ceramic tableware is the perfect option. Elegant by nature, ceramic is the ideal material to use when creating dinnerware, cookware and tableware due to its fantastic range of properties - as well as how eye-catching ceramic dishes, bowls, cups and baking dishes look on any surface. No dining table is complete without a traditional Italian ceramic pasta bowl or rectangular salad plate, and every coffee table should be adorned with delicately hand-painted ceramic coffee mugs.


Many of our handmade Italian ceramics are safe to use in the oven, microwave and/or dishwasher, so there's no fear of your oven dish being damaged by heat or your handmade porcelain dinnerware deteriorating if you do not have time to wash it by hand. Not only are ceramics great when cooking, but plates, cups, bowls and dishes made from ceramic easily enliven any dining table and leave dinner guests enchanted by their beauty.


Ceramic has high thermal conductivity, meaning it retains and evenly distributes heat throughout its surface. With ceramics, you don't need to worry about the casserole inside your oven dish cooling down too quickly or your food going cold on your plate halfway through your meal. A ceramic mug, plate or oven dish will effortlessly cling on to heat, giving you and your guests plenty of time to enjoy titillating conversation as well as your home-cooked meal and dessert espresso.


The Italian tradition of working ceramics over extreme heat makes them immensely durable. Whilst it may look delicate, ceramic is hard-wearing and supremely solid, particularly porcelain. When considering plates, mugs and cups, which are easily dropped and broken, opt for our hand-made Italian porcelain collections to ensure that your extra-special tableware lasts a lifetime.


If you're tired of burns and stains ruining your crockery, you won't regret making the switch to handmade ceramic dinnerware. The silky, glossy texture of our Italian ceramics makes them easy to wipe clean, or simply soak in soapy hot water for a few minutes to remove tougher spots.


Ever wondered why coffee tastes so much better when sipped from an authentic Italian ceramic mug? Unlike cast-iron, plastic or stainless steel dinnerware, our handcrafted Italian ceramics don't react with or contaminate your food. Any food and drink prepared in a ceramic dish, poured into a ceramic mug or served on a ceramic plate will be chemical-free and completely safe to consume.

About the artisans

The handcrafted Italian ceramic and porcelain tableware collections you see at AllÓRA are all lovingly handmade by two of Italy's most renowned ceramicists: Ceramiche Bucci and Ceramiche Tapinassi. These gifted artisans blend Italian tradition with contemporary designs, creating the finest Italian ceramics and decorative homeware out of their traditional workshops.

Ceramiche Tapinassi source local Tuscan clay to design their stunning Italian pottery collections, including rectangular baking dishes, roasting trays, plates, cups, bowls and ceramic mugs. The Tapinassi family use an ancient method called coiling to produce ceramics exclusively for AllÓRA. Coiling involves layering strips of clay to form a desired shape, after which it is dried, finished and sponged before being toasted in the oven. The pottery is then glazed with enamel and hand-decorated, before finally being placed into the kiln. Tapinassi dinnerware will surely bring a piece of Italy to your kitchen.

Hailing from the historic town of Pesaro in the Marche region of Italy, Ceramiche Bucci’s luxury ceramic stoneware pieces will definitely be show-stoppers on your dining table. Bucci's eye-catching stoneware designs are handcrafted by glazing ceramics in non-toxic enamel and firing them at intense heat. Doing so makes their stonefire plates, baking dishes and teapots extra-durable as well as microwave, dishwasher and oven-safe. Consider pairing one of Bucci's unique Italian stoneware teapots with a hand-coiled ceramic Tapinassi mug for that authentic Italian feeling next time you brew a pot of tea or sip your morning cappuccino.

Find the work of Stamperia Bertozzi - an artisan house based in Emilia-Romagna and widely known for its linen work - also in this collection. Creating exquisite homeware pieces from the finest Limoges porcelain, Stamperia Bertozzi’s range provides colourful dinnerware sets as well as a selection of large serving bowls. As each porcelain piece has been shaped organically and moulded by hand into its unique form, Stamperia Bertozzi porcelain items are truly one-of-a-kind.

Gift the magic of Italy to yourself or someone you love with our handmade dinnerware and Italian pottery.