Bespoke Bed Linen

Using only the softest organic linen or cotton, all of the fabric in our bespoke bedding is hand-woven on traditional looms. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the natural fabric, available in a selection of weights, is delicate to the touch and comforting. Made-to-measure sizing means that no bed is too big or too small. An exclusive choice of colours, patterns and designs can inspire your bespoke linen bedding. Whether graduated or single shades, contemporary geometric lines or floral prints and motifs, we offer a large selection to suit your preferences.

Bespoke Linen tablecloths - ruler and scissors sitting on top of a roll of fabric

Monograms and emblems can be stamped by hand in a range of fonts, modern or traditional, allowing you to imprint your personality and create your own family story with your bed linen.  

Below you will find inspiration through a few of our bespoke commissions. For more ideas and design, visit our gallery. If you have any concepts that you would like to discuss, let us know via [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 3701 4076.

Bertozzi blue striped bedlinen

Hand-painted bedding Stripes

Bertozzi linen duvet stripes

Hand-painted bedding Stripes

Bertozzi linen pillow stripes

Hand-painted pillow Stripes

hand painted linen pillow Bertozzi

Hand-painted pillow Stripes

luxury italian bedlinen bespoke
Bertozzi linen pillow flower

Hand-painted and hand-printed bedding Trifoglio

Bertozzi luxury linen pillow

Block-printed bedlinen L’heure Bleue

hand-printed luxury bedlinen
Italian luxury bedlinen

Block-printed bedding Chevron

Modern bedding sets Chevron

Hand-painted bedding set Chevron

coastal linen bedding sets bestozzi

Hand-painted bedding set Panarea

Luxury linen bedding set

Block-printed bedding Acanthus Leaves

Luxury bedlinen

Hand-painted and block-printed bedding Chevron