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Handmade Murano Glassware

Crafted by the master glassmakers of the Italian artisan house, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti, our range of exquisite handmade Murano glass objects and Murano glassware has been blown and handmade using fusing techniques using world-famous glass from the island of Murano, Venice.

Each glass item from this selection of dishes, bowls and tableware showcases Italian glass blowing and craftsmanship at its finest – needless to say, they are true Venetian masterpieces. Each part of the creative process has been conducted entirely by hand in Italy, making each item completely individual to the next.

As these elegant Murano bowls, ornaments and dishes have been designed to last a lifetime, any purchase allows for the possibility that the item will remain in your family as an heirloom for years to come.

The designs that feature on each piece of handmade Murano glass art are a combination of millennia-old techniques passed down by Murano glassmakers contemporary-inspired motifs. Influence has clearly also been drawn from the world of nature, as the pieces feature soft lines that bring out the lightness of glass, creating luminous, soft and subtle effects. Through each ornament in this wide-ranging Murano selection, style and form combine to incredible effect, creating final products that are nothing short of true art glass.

As functional as they are stylish, these pieces of Murano glassware make for excellent gift ideas. Whether used as a statement centrepiece for a table, a serving plate for delicious food or as an artistic, decorative object, our unique handmade Murano glass pieces are guaranteed to impress.

Our Murano bowls, serving plates and centrepieces highlight the very best that Murano, Venice, and more widely, Italy, has to offer. Add high-end, Murano vibrancy to your table with this exquisite range of handcrafted glass art, entirely exclusive to AllÓRA.


Our assortment of beautifully hand-crafted Murano glass pieces offers an elegant selection of bowls, dishes and other items of tableware. Whether you wish to achieve a touch of coastal calm with objects inspired by the Mediterranean or inject a contemporary twist using a bold centrepiece, this range offers the glassware your home needs for that perfect finishing touch.

Why choose Murano glassware?

Glass homeware provides an element of timelessness and finesse and to any setting. It fulfils the role of both the practical and the decorative, with Murano glass epitomising the marriage of the two.

The powder mixture used by the Venetian glassblowers, together with the manufacturing process which dates back over a thousand years, produces a glass that is unbelievably lightweight yet unrivalled in quality. The irregular finish of Murano glass gives it a distinctive texture, and its undulating surface a captivating ability to refract light through the ornaments. Whether the artisan has opted for a colourless glass, added cobalt to create a striking blue, or cryolite for an understated white, a piece of this glassware will not only act as a well-crafted household item, but a piece of art in its own right.

Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti

Since 1992, this artisan house has been designing and creating authentic Murano glass homeware, jewellery and sculpture by fusing modern Italian style with traditional techniques. Drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of stained-glass windows and the charm of the natural world, its products can make the ideal gift or act as the perfect supplement to your home's décor.

Bring the unique beauty of Venice to your home with a dish, bowl, centrepiece or ornament from our selection of Murano glassware.