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Murano Glass Drinkware

Each glass item from our collection of Murano glass drinkware carries its own unique, enduring appeal that guarantees admiration and appreciation from your guests with every use.

Crafted entirely by hand with the utmost care and intended to last a lifetime, these Venetian blown Murano glasses have been made by fusing millennia-old traditional Italian artisanal methods and charming, contemporary designs. A true celebration of style and form, our eclectic Murano selection includes Murano glass drinkware objects such as tumblers, mugs, jugs, decanters, wine glasses and goblets that will breathe new life into your home decor and transform everyday experiences into momentous occasions of pure luxury.

Each glass masterpiece has been blown entirely by hand using world-famous Venetian glass from the island of Murano, Venice, Italy. Murano glass is renowned across the globe for its grandeur and its history as being one of the most ancient models of glass blowing. Offering a sophisticated and timeless feel that complements any decor, these handmade glass treasures are true Italian relics of glassware.

Expertly handmade by the dedicated hands of the Italian artisan house, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti, the blown glass that makes up each delicate Murano piece has been softened over a live flame and intricately worked into shape by hand, using a variety of tools. By combining glass manipulation by hand with the ‘a lume’ technique—the process of blowing heated coloured glass into clear glass to create precise detailing, Daniela Poletti creates refined blown works of glass that are true works of art.

To make any occasion extra special, place your Murano Glass drinkware alongside selections from our hand-blown Murano glass bowls, serving plates and centrepieces. Alternatively, our collection of ceramic tableware will also perfectly suit this sophisticated glassware.

Add colourful vibrancy to your table with this exquisite range of hand blown glass art, entirely exclusive to AllÓRA.

Our hand-crafted Murano Glass Venetian treasures promise to bring luxury to any table setting.

Colourful, gleaming and translucent, these authentic Murano Italian glasses come straight from the kilns of the world-famous Murano Glass masters, conjuring up images of the historical Venetian past, whilst combining elements of contemporary Italian style with their streamlined shapes and striking tones.

The classic Murano artistry displayed by these glasses will bring Venetian sophistication to your dining space, leaving your table guests dreaming of Venice, regardless of whether you are serving wine, champagne, water, or soft drinks.

What is so special about Murano glass?

Murano glassmaking is a celebration of form and style, and this exceptional glass deriving from the Venetian island of Murano in Northern Italy has become world-famous for its unrivalled quality and extraordinary craftsmanship. The island of Murano is the only source of true, authentic Murano glass, and to this day, it still plays host to numerous local glass artisans who handcraft their glassware, beakers, wine glasses, coffee mugs and more using a combination of ancient and contemporary glass-working techniques.

Murano glassmaking has become synonymous with the traditions, history, and culture of the island of Murano in Venice, and with those of Italy as a whole.

How is Murano glass made?

The glassblowing process used to produce Murano glass dates back over a thousand years, and has been in continuous development ever since. Silica, soda, lime and potassium is melted together in a glass furnace at 1500°C, until the combination reaches a liquid state. Often, gold or silver leaf is added to the glass mixture, as well as different minerals that bring vibrant colour to the glass. To create the glass shapes needed to craft glassware, the resulting molten liquid is hand-blown using various ancient techniques, but always using basic iron tools.

No other type of glassware boasts the same rich history and artistic value as Murano glass. A true celebration of style and form, each of our hand-blown items of glassware and drinkware deserves their title of 'art glass', and will allow you to effortlessly add a splash of Italian artistry to your home.