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Italian Cotton & Linen

If you’re looking for an easy way to add comfort, style and class to your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, look no further. At AllÓRA, our luxury collection of Italian cotton and linen kitchenware, tableware, bed and bath linen, home decor, aprons and accessories will leave you feeling like royalty.

Encase yourself in our luxuriously soft linen waffle throws, sure to keep you snug as you settle down with a glass of red wine or cup of coffee. When you drift off to sleep, make sure you do so nestled up in our cosy linen sheets – the pinnacle of luxury bedding. All of our luxurious Italian-made linen bedding, including sheets, duvet covers, quilting and pillowcases, is made from 100% natural linen, making it breathable, anti-bacterial and machine-washable as well as irresistibly soft.

Dine amongst the finest Italian hand-painted linen napkins, fabric placemats, block-printed table runners and bespoke tablecloths made entirely from natural, organic hemp and flax fibres, all of which will eagerly devour the attention of any dinner guest with their striking patterns and elegant embroidery. When you’re ready to wipe down your dishes, grab one of our linen tea towels, adorned with a range of colours, patterns and embroidery that showcase Italy’s artisanal craft.

With an unrivalled softness that enhances with every wash, our bath linen, such as our beautiful white and blue Ellisse bath towels, bring you that luxury spa feeling every time you take a shower. Composed entirely of natural, crumpled linen, our bath towels are extra-absorbent and dry quickly, as well as being luxuriously smooth against your skin, giving you everything you need in your bath linen and more.

Whether you wish your linens to be plain or patterned, hand-painted or embroidered, gingham or floral – our Italian cotton and linen collection has something for every home and occasion.

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Why choose cotton and linen homeware?

With so many materials and fabrics available nowadays, it can be hard to choose just one. Many other fabrics will claim to be the best, the most luxurious. However, there's a reason why we only stock Italian cotton and linen at AllÓRA - because it truly is the best. Whether you're dining, cooking, cleaning the kitchen, setting the table or snuggling into bed, our pure cotton and linen fabrics provide an authentic luxury experience.

Soft yet durable

Whilst poor quality linen and cotton can be rough, our pure, organic cotton and linen textiles feel delicately soft against your skin. Because our gifted artisans use natural fibres to craft their masterpieces, our bed, bath and kitchen linen actually becomes softer after each wash. Despite this, linen is extremely hard-wearing and stands the test of time.

Temperature regulating

Linen is made from flax plants, which grow well in places with a temperate climate such as Italy. In fact, Italy is renowned for producing some of the most high-quality flax in the world. Due to the flax plant's hollow natural fibres, linen is a fantastic insulator, locking in heat and keeping you warm and cosy. However, it's also extremely breathable and absorbs perspiration, keeping you cool during the warmer months. Thus, linen is perfect for bedding and sleepwear.

Supreme absorbency

Linen and cotton are super moisture absorbent. Amazingly, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp. For this reason, linen and cotton are your ideal choice for dishcloths, tea towels, napkins, serviettes and other cleaning, bathing and table setting textiles.


Looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, but don't have the time to wash and dry everything by hand? Luckily, our linen and cotton fabrics are machine washable. We recommend a lukewarm, gentle wash to keep your luxury sheets, cloths and towels in pristine condition. What's more, due to the authentic wrinkle texture of our linen fabrics, particularly our hemp napkins and crumpled linen tea towels, you do not even need to iron your fabrics to keep them looking beautiful.


Linen and cotton are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Our skilled Italian artisans only use 100% natural, organic linen and cotton which contain no harmful chemicals or synthetics. This makes our entire cotton fabric and linen collection non-toxic and completely safe for babies and people with sensitive skin.


Made entirely from natural fabrics, our tea towels, napkins, table fabrics, clothing, linen towels and sheets are all 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Who knew cotton fabrics and linen tea towels could be so good for the Earth as well as your kitchen?

About the artisans

Stamperia Bertozzi have been crafting luxury linen homeware and clothing since 1920. Their experienced artisans use age-old block-printing techniques to paint exclusive, vibrant designs onto their hand-woven linen. From their solar-powered workshop, Stamperia Bertozzi produce exquisite bed linen, sheets, linen napkins, tea towels, pillows and table fabrics.

From a traditional mill in the heart of Italy, Tessitura Pardi hand-weave and embroider a fine collection of tea towels, placemats, table runners, kitchen cloths, sheets and scarfs from high-quality linen fibres and cotton fabric. Their work is inspired by natural elements; see the vibrant blue, beautiful beige and silky white within their clothing, table linen and bed linens.

Bring a touch of Italy to your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen with our wide range of exquisite linen tea towels, napkins, sheets, bedding and more.