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Designer Linen Tablecloths

Linen tablecloths can instantly transform any table setting, casual or formal, into an opulent space fit to host the most intimate of dining experiences. No matter where you are, the authentic Italian feel offered by our hand-woven, hand-printed and hand-painted tablecloths are guaranteed to set a tone of luxury.

A true exhibition of original Italian design and style, over 100 years of craftsmanship and heritage make up each thread of our luxury linen tablecloths. Both timeless and contemporary, these luxurious tablecloths of linen offer authentic dining experiences that conjure up images reminiscent of Italy when used as standalone pieces, when placed beneath corresponding linen napkinslinen placemats and table runners, or when used alongside our collection of ceramic and porcelain tableware and cookware.

These decorative tablecloths are custom-made by two of Italy’s most esteemed linen houses and craftsmen—Stamperia Bertozzi and Tessitura Pardi, whose unique, handcrafted artworks can be traced back generations to the Emilia-Romagna and Umbria regions of Italy, respectively. Hand-woven on shuttle looms and featuring impressive jacquard textured displays, the weaves of world-class, organic fabric that make up Tessitura Pardi’s beautiful tablecloths provide unsurpassable levels of softness. Similarly, Stamperia Bertozzi’s prized tablecloths keep ancient Italian traditions alive by using decorations and patterns that have been either painted by hand, printed by hand using hand-carved blocks of pear wood, or created using a combination of both techniques.

Each Italian table linen available is made of 100% natural organic linen; we offer both rustic, stonewash finishes with our crumpled linen cloths and crisp, professional looks can be achieved with one of our ironed tablecloths. As well as elegant white and ivory, we offer tablecloths in a variety of full colour options and exquisite patterns and artworks that promise to form the stylish centrepiece of any meal or dining occasion.

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As a standard, our Italian tablecloths come in rectangular and square shapes, making them an ideal selection for exhibition stands, dining tables, conference tables, trestle tables and more. However, our team of artisans pride themselves on catering their tablecloths to client specifications, and can provide custom cutwork of different sizes and shapes on order. Not only can your tablecloth be cut to oval and round shapes, it can be entirely personalised. Allow our expert craftsmen to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind linen tablecloths that are entirely bespoke, as well as matching napkins, if you choose.

What makes linen the best material for tablecloths?

As well as featuring exquisite designs that have been handcrafted to perfection, the fabric composition of our table linen displays the intricate levels of craftsmanship that have gone into each fibre that forms these graceful table accessories.

Whilst numerous types of table fabrics exist on the market—natural fibres such as cotton and silk and synthetic blends of polyester, lace and satin—we believe that there is no table linen better than linen itself.


Widely considered the world's strongest natural fibre, linen is produced from the flax plant, whose fibres are much longer and thicker than those of most other fabrics. Despite their resilience, linen tablecloths are incredibly soft, and become even more so each time they are washed. As frequent washes are to be expected when serving food, linen tablecloths' durable qualities make them the perfect option for those hoping to receive years of use out of their table linen.

Outstanding absorbency

Linen’s absorbent characteristics make it the perfect material for tablecloths, as it is well-equipped to soak up any type of spill from food or drinks. Linen tablecloths can absorb as much as 20% of their own weight before they even begin to feel damp. As they can easily shed this water, releasing it to the air, they are able to stay cool and dry.

Antibacterial qualities

As linen is a naturally antibacterial substance, it is able to wick moisture without harbouring bacteria and providing an ideal breeding environment.

Easily washable

Linen requires attention to sustain its quality, but fortunately, it is relatively straightforward to achieve. Every tablecloth that you will find within our range is machine washable, making them very easy to upkeep. They will not suffer any impairments to their quality or colour boldness, no matter how often you choose to wash them.

Linen can be dried naturally or with an iron, but if you are hoping to achieve an authentic crumpled linen look, allow creases to occur naturally.

Breathe new life into your existing table decor with an authentic Italian linen tablecloth.