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Italian Ceramic Dinnerware

Whether for a formal dinner or a laid-back lunch with friends, our collection of ceramic dinnerware and tableware sets made from Italian ceramics conveniently combines form and function to bring luxury to your table. The textures, shapes and colours in these rustic and delicate crockery creations are guaranteed to make dining a joyous occasion.

From baking dishes and mugs to a selection of plates and bowls, creating an inviting table with a unique dinner set is made easy by this beautiful crockery collection. Made by hand, our Italian tableware sets have been crafted by skilled artisans, with each individual piece being a sophisticated addition to any dining table. Whether for your home or for use in a professional eatery, every piece of our Italian ceramic tableware will dazzle all who lay their eyes on it.

Enjoy our handmade ceramic dinnerware collection with friends and family and bring the Italian passion for design and cuisine straight to your table.

Our luscious Italian dinnerware is sure to look fantastic atop one of our magnificent linen tablecloths or placemats, or alongside some of our gorgeous napkins.

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Why choose ceramic?

Ceramic is the term for a piece of crockery made from clay which has been shaped and then hardened in a kiln at extremely high temperatures.

Aside from being supremely beautiful, ceramic dinnerware is generally better suited to baking and roasting than many other materials on the market due to its durability and exquisite quality.


One of the main benefits of this Italian pottery is how durable it remains even at incredibly high temperatures. Ceramic can be used on the stove, in the microwave or in the oven and can reach these temperatures without cracking, breaking or melting. It is also a non-toxic material.

Easy to clean

Ceramic crockery is known for being non-stick, with smooth, glazed surfaces that can be cleaned very easily with soap and water. This feature ensures that your ceramic bowls, plates, dishes, mugs and dinner plates will stay pristine and scratch-free for many years to come.


Because each piece of Italian pottery has been made and painted by hand, each ceramic item is unique. Our renowned artisans, including the incredible craftspeople of Ceramiche Tapinassi and Ceramiche Bucci, pour an extreme amount of care and dedication into their craftsmanship to produce a luxury product that you can call your own.

With our stunning hand-painted and hand-dipped Italian ceramic plates, dinner sets, serving dishes, cups and bowls you can create your own collection that brings something different to the table and sets a captivating backdrop to your dishes that will enchant your guests.

Methodically hand-thrown by skilled craftsmen, there are bound to be variations in the design and finish of each ceramic dish, however at AIIÓRA we believe that this only adds to the uniqueness of each piece and gives the finished ceramic the authentic stamp of Italy.

Our handmade Italian crockery can be used as serving dishes, plates for mealtime or decorative bowls around the home. All of our ceramic tableware is dishwasher safe and durable enough to stand the test of time, so treat yourself to an authentic piece of ceramic dinnerware.