Bespoke Homeware 

Make your house your dream home with our bespoke homeware service. Each bespoke, handcrafted item we offer as part of our bespoke homeware service is created to meet your unique preferences and specifications to ensure that your artisanal items will be no less than perfect for your home.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, the living room to the bathroom, each piece of your bespoke homeware is tailored by us to reflect your tastes, style and personality. Choose from an exclusive array of existing patterns, colours and styles that can be put together by our network of skilled artisans just for you. Alternatively, get in contact with us to let us know more about your design ideas and inspirations. This way, we can gain a more thorough understanding of your requirements. Engaging with us will allow us and our artisans to take a design-led approach to truly customise your accessories, furnishings, kitchenware and more, producing a piece that is entirely new and unique to you.
Bespoke home decor


We craft the perfect porcelain dinnerware and home decor just for you. Complete dining sets, serving dishes and ornamental objects for all occasions can be matched to your tastes and the design and colours of our linens to create a complete look to elevate your tableware. Achieved using traditional techniques, textures (printed and painted by hand), painted stripes, motifs and monograms will all inspire your choices throughout our made-to-order porcelain service.
Discover inspiring bespoke handmade porcelain. Whether you want to upgrade your own homeware or are looking for a unique gift, we have something for you.
handmade porcelain bespoke decor
floral limoges porcelain bespoke design
monogrammed plates custom made
handmade bespoke porcelain plate
gold custom made plate and table setting
custom designed bespoke home decor
hand printed porcelain bowl Palm design
Handmade porcelain vases


Bespoke linen tablecloths are the starting point for an idea and style that can run throughout your table setting. Our beautiful tablecloths can be produced in a selection of hand-printed and hand-painted designs, sizes, shapes and washes just for you and can match perfectly with our handmade porcelain pieces.
We offer custom sizes or standard sizes, all we need from you is to measure your table and tell us what size tablecloth you need. The luxurious appeal of your table linen can be elevated further with matching linen napkins and bring an air of luxury to any fine dining experience.
Whether you are spoiling yourself or gifting a friend, have us create you a bespoke linen tablecloth.
hand printing linen tablecloth
handprinting bespoke linen tablecloth
custom made linen tablecloth
Bespoke luxury linen tablecloths handprinted
Bertozzi linens bespoke
Bertozzi handprinted plum tablecloth

Bed Linen

Bespoke linen bedding sets can be specially designed for you to make a harmonious, coherent theme for your bedroom. Much like our tablecloths, our made-to-measure linen bedding can be sized and shaped to your requirements meaning that no bed is too big or small for our artisans.
Our fabrics and finishes include both contemporary elements and more traditional stylings for any taste and decor. Anything from a duvet cover, a quilt, fitted sheets or pillowcases can be produced from our luxury linen fabrics to bring you the ultimate feel of comfort when you climb into bed.
Be inspired to upgrade your duvet set with our bespoke linen bedding collection.
luxury italian bedlinen bespoke
Bertozzi linen pillow flower
Bertozzi luxury linen pillow
hand-printed luxury bedlinen


Handmade linen throws and blankets add a finishing touch to your home. Simply drape over a sofa or bed to instantly refresh and bring life to any room. If you already have an idea in mind or need some inspiration, we can assist you to make a soft, comforting bespoke linen throw or blanket available in a fine selection of natural fabrics. However you choose, we offer a rich variety to suit any taste.

bespoke linen throw


Bespoke curtains are a simple way to change and revitalise your home decor and inspire you to create a look tailored to your own style and can be decorated by hand or naturally plain. Available in a range of fabrics and weights our bespoke curtains can be made to order in any size, for any room in your home.
Dress your windows in style and dignify your interior with our bespoke curtains.
colour chart for bespoke tablecloths


We have a generous range of fabrics, including different types of linen, hemp and cotton, to help you create the perfect piece for your home. We assist you in selecting the perfect colour and pattern for the look you want to achieve anywhere in your home. Whether you want modern simplicity or a refined vintage style, we have the textile for your needs.
Discover our choice of linen fabrics, their specifications and uses.
linen fabrics for the home

Have you been inspired by our bespoke collections? For more ideas and design options, visit our gallery. Get in touch with AIIÓRA to discuss your concepts and requirements via [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 3701 4076.