Ceramiche Bucci

The Ceramiche Bucci artisan house has been creating stoneware pieces of the highest quality ceramic for over sixty years. Founded by Franco Bucci – one of the most prolific ceramicists and designers in Italy – the studio is now led by his nephew, Gabriele Bucci, who continues the Bucci tradition of exquisite ceramic craftsmanship.

This collection of Ceramiche Bucci ceramic cookware and tableware strikes the perfect balance between an ancient craft and modern designs. Whether you are searching for baking dishes for your oven, lidded pots for your stove or plates for your table, this range of ceramic coated cookware and ceramic plates is guaranteed to transform your cooking and dining experiences with its enduring aesthetic charm. The square shape of the handcrafted, ceramic tableware makes for a stylish addition to the crockery on any table setting, while the eye-catching, matt finish of the cookware brings a sleek elegance to your cooking space.

Not only this, but Ceramiche Bucci’s luxury pieces of stoneware are created by glazing the ceramic with non-toxic enamels and firing it at an extremely high temperature, which strengthens the structure of the stoneware and makes it extremely durable. Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant and (unlike stainless steel) even non-stick, cookware and tableware items from Ceramiche Bucci are safe to use on the hob or in the oven, microwave or dishwasher, meaning you reap the benefits of their quality for years to come. Consider pairing your plates with complementary ceramic bowls and serving your food at the table to achieve cohesion throughout your kitchenware collection.

Ceramiche Bucci’s workshop (or, perhaps more accurately, laboratory) was founded in 1961 in Pesaro, a beautiful and historic town in the Marche region of Italy. The early years from 1961 to 1966 saw a very close collaboration between Franco Bucci and his founding partners – Nanni Valentini, Philip Duplicate and Roberto Pieraccini.

Bucci developed his craft with educational inspiration from the legendary Italian architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass, in Milan. Alongside his founding partners, Bucci’s declared aim was to create useful objects of the finest and most ambitious designs, using a material that is still little known in Italy – stoneware with a ceramic coating.

The endeavours of Bucci and his partners attracted the attention of artists, potters and intellectuals who closely followed the developments of this rare and artistically-driven collective. These followers included highly noted architects, historians and artists who found fascination in their intense focus on unique and innovative works of art. As Bucci and his partners reported, the early years were challenging, but extremely constructive.

Franco Bucci, alongside his wife Anna, inspired his company’s direction for almost 30 years, from 1966 to 1995. He has continued to oversee its artistic output since that time, with Gabriele working under his mentorship. Gabriele and the studio continue to work with the same passion and technical flair that has been passed down through the decades, and every Bucci artisanal ceramic creation is produced by the hands of skilled craftspeople, giving each piece of ceramic cookware and ceramic tableware true uniqueness.

The Bucci workshop is renowned in the history of Italian ceramics, respected for its tireless research and admirable experimentation. To this day, Bucci and company understand how to look to the future without turning their back on the past. They remain an authentic, honest seed of creativity – a worthy tribute to Franco Bucci’s life dedicated to designing and creating tableware and cookware objects so far removed from the staid impeccability of many modern designs.