How to Create the Perfect Table Setting with Patterned Table Linens

beautiful eclectic table set with pink patterned table linens

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The most effective and simple way of adding interest, colour and detail to any tablescape is through the use of patterned table linens. Table linens add instant softness and are a great opportunity to dress your table to suit the occasion. Whether you only use your table linens for dinner parties or you use them all year round, a beautiful tablecloth or runner will elevate your table and the setting…

Why Patterned Table Linens?

First and foremost, linen is the most practical and high quality material that you can use on your table. Linen always looks exquisite, it drapes beautifully on any surface, and it’s durable too. Plain linens are timeless, but when you choose a patterned linen with a print that you adore, you can enjoy using it in your home for years to come.

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Patterned table linens are more of a statement. In an area of the home where it’s often difficult to add softness and detail, patterned tablecloths can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, dining room or outdoor table. The ideal way to add a touch of colour and either modern or traditional prints, patterned table linens will set the tone for the rest of your tablescape, and can be a real statement within your scheme.

Block Printed Tablecloths

Italian artisan holding a wood-block to decorate a linen tablecloth in Palm design

Block printing is typically done by hand, resulting in slight variations making each and every tablecloth or runner unique. Often softer with more of a rustic feel than other patterned tablecloths, block printed styles have a contemporary look and feel and come in all sorts of colours and finishes…

We love:

The Giardino Tablecloth – with a block printed pattern depicting vines of ivy and rose stems in two shades of green, this striking tablecloth is the ideal way to bring the outside in. Printed onto crisp white linen, this is a modern style that’s also delicate and simple.

Vintage Hemp Linen Table Runner Giant Thistle Red

The Giant Thistle Table Runner – a fantastic alternative to tablecloths, table runners are more contemporary in style. This unique design features a border pattern that’s been hand-printed using traditional hand-carved wooden blocks. The print depicts thistle flowers in a beautiful shade of red, ideal for adding colour to your space.

Patterned Tablecloths

Busier patterns are ideal if you love more of a maximalist look. Whether you choose to layer up patterns, or opt for one statement piece, a patterned tablecloth can be really striking…

We love:

The Blue Acanthus Leaves Tablecloth – featuring an all-over hand block-printed pattern, this unique tablecloth will add interest and colour to your space. The hand-painted blue background is complimented with a white-gold block printed pattern that’s inspired by the leaves of the Acanthus plant.

The Vintage Sardines Table Runner – with a monochrome colour palette, this block-printed table runner is made from vintage hemp linen. Modern and playful, the sardines create a wavy pattern across the surface of the runner.

Floral Tablecloths

Florals in interiors can be incredibly uplifting. Instead of making permanent changes such as introducing a floral wallpaper, floral patterns on soft furnishings or tablecloths and napkins are a great alternative…

We love:

The Camellia Organic Linen Tablecloth – Perfect if you prefer neutral tones, this 100% organic linen tablecloth features a floral block-printed pattern on a white background. The oversized print keeps the look contemporary, while the natural shades make it ideal for any colour scheme.

The Lavender Flowers Tablecloth – Rustic in style, the Lavender flowers tablecloth uses a block printed floral motif on white crumpled linen. The pattern is achieved using three different wooden blocks, as well as green and purple dyes. With more of a traditional feel, this striking tablecloth is a fantastic addition to rustic farmhouse style kitchens or period properties.

pink linen table runner in floral motif with a vase with a pink hydrangea sitting on top

The Florenza Table Runner in Pink – Add a splash of colour and instant feminine style to your space, with this unique floral linen table runner. Featuring block-printed large scale flowers on a hand-painted pink background, this is a real statement piece.

Finishing the Look

coastal table setting with fish motifs on the linen and porcelain dinnerware

In most cases, your tablecloth or table runner is the starting point of your tablescape. It’s often the most important piece, as it sets the tone for the rest of the scheme and is typically the largest decorative piece on your table. To dress your table, consider complimentary napkins either in a matching colour or a matching pattern. Add handmade glassware and tableware too. When choosing other decorative pieces for your table, always refer back to your tablecloth, ensuring each and every piece works with the colours and style for a cohesive and well thought out look.

With so many patterns and colours to choose from, you can add that all important personality and unique style to your home with our collection of patterned table linens.

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