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Luxury Linen Napkins

Our range of linen napkins add a touch of Italian style to the dining table at any event, whether formal or casual.

The result of the marriage of ancient Italian artisanal techniques and modern artistic inspirations, these soft, handwoven napkins are full of character, charm and style, and are guaranteed to transform the dining experience for yourself and your guests.

Explore a variety of elegant colours, including classic, timeless white and grey, rustic beige and more vibrant selections, featuring bright hues of blue, green and pink. These handmade napkins also feature a wide selection of patterns and markings, including striped and floral.

Produced by two of Italy’s most esteemed linen houses, Stamperia Bertozzi and Tessitura Pardi, these pure linen, soft, organic napkins have been entirely handcrafted, and their personalised designs and embellishments have been applied using traditional methods. The creations of these incredibly talented artisans have become synonymous with Italian luxury linens and have earned critical acclaim both in the UK and across the globe. Given that each piece you will find here has been either hand-printed, hand-painted or an intricate combination of the two, your natural linen napkin will be entirely unique and unlike any other – a true collectors’ item.

Whether matched with one of our linen tablecloths to make up a table linen arrangement or as an individual touch to existing pieces, our collection makes a welcoming addition to any aesthetic. Similarly, if you are seeking a cloth to be used for cleaning plates and all kinds of tableware, browse our Tea Towels selection.

Ensure that every dining occasion you play host to is nothing short of special by doing so alongside a luxurious, organic linen napkin set.

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The ultimate finishing touch to place atop a finely-laid table and tablecloth, linen napkins are the perfect way to add an air of luxury and sophistication to your mealtimes, whether they be formal dinners, special occasions or simply everyday meals and get-togethers.

Traditional Italian artistry and skill has been encapsulated within these table napkins. As well as providing an opportunity to impress your company and to leave a lasting impression both during and after any type of event, linen napkins make for a delicate, practical material to accompany your tableware and cutlery.

What fabric is best for table napkins?

With such a large selection of fabrics to choose from, including natural fibres such as cotton and synthetic blends such as polyester, deciding on the type of fabric used in the napkins you are hoping to purchase can be challenging.

At AllÓRA, we know that the luxury and elegance offered by linen table napkins is a major differentiator towards this decision, but there are several practicalities that prove linen napkins' worth over not only paper napkins, but cotton napkins, satin napkins, and all other types of cloth napkins also.

Unrivalled absorbency

Due to their construction from the finest linen fibres, linen napkins are incredibly moisture absorbent and quick drying, meaning that they will remain comfortably dry and will be able to withstand all kinds of condensation, spills and stains. As they wick moisture much faster than other materials can, they do not run the risk of allowing a build up of bacteria.

Durability and longevity

Linen is widely regarded as the world's strongest natural fibre. As it is incredibly durable, it is not only able to stand up against mess, but its weaves will not break down even after numerous washes, meaning that your linen napkins will last a very long time. They are not only considered heirlooms due to their wonderful designs!


When linen napkins are comprised of 100% natural linen (as is the case with each option among our range) they offer a luxurious softness that simply cannot be matched by napkins created from other natural fibres.

Whether they will be used as dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, wedding napkins or to serve any other purpose, we could not recommend linen napkins enough.