Since 1790, the Tanucci family of Italy have been creating hand-finished copper cookware of the highest quality. Each item of their cookware is a celebration of the ancient techniques and skill of their craftsmen, and a hands-on, organic approach is taken to the production of each copper product. The Tanucci family follow the ancient traditions of the Marche school of copper cookware craftsmanship to produce their pieces of both supreme aesthetics and functionality.

Their collection of cookware offers a variety of pots and pans in different sizes, depths, and styles – all forged using traditional methods to deliver an optimal cooking experience. Along with fitted lids, saucepans, casserole pots and frying pans are all available, the addition of which will bring true luxury to your kitchen.

Whether you are cooking a sauce, a stew or some sautéed vegetables, this range of copper cookware lined with tin will help you achieve an exceptional standard of food preparation while simultaneously introducing Italian charm to your home kitchen.

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The Tanucci artisan house has been making exquisite Italian copper cookware for centuries. Their foundry, situated on the Aso River, still has its ancient hydraulic wheels, fusion oven and hammers, and is home to one of the most historic forms of craftsmanship found in the Italian region of Marche.

From time immemorial, the copper quarries have provided the raw material for the creation of many traditional utensils, and the coppersmiths – who come from all over Italy – have shaped and moulded the utensils using only their hammers and their expert eye.

Today, the Tanucci family have moved on to use modern techniques during the copper processing stage, but they still treasure their hammers and guard them with great care, as these tools are priceless and hold irreplaceable, treasured memories. Through every generation, the Tanuccis have handed down their experience with, and their passion for, these hammers, and the tools are still central to the technique of working the copper. Not only do items of Tanucci cookware carry all of this history, but their designs themselves are timeless.

Tanucci copper cookware gives you all the essential elements of premium copper cookware. Hammered by hand, the copper pots and pans are then tinned over an open fire, while the handles are crafted from solid cast brass. The material of choice for chefs, copper conducts heat far more effectively than other materials (such as stainless steel), enabling you to regulate temperature perfectly and distribute heat evenly from the base of the pan to the sides. The result is cookware that reaches the ideal temperature quickly, is free of hotspots and allows for the cooking of unforgettable meals.

Copper pans, pots and casseroles from Tanucci are produced with unmatched artisanal quality and character, providing you with cookware that can last a lifetime.