Ceramiche Tapinassi

Founded by Gino Tapinassi in 1954, Ceramiche Tapinassi ceramics are hand-thrown from local Tuscan clay, in keeping with the longstanding traditions of the region. Today, the workshop is run by Gino’s sons who, since childhood, have absorbed their father’s passion for his craft. Driven by respect for both beautiful aesthetics and artistic forms, each item is inspired by the culture, history and traditions of the picturesque Casentino Valley.

Our range of Ceramiche Tapinassi hand-made ceramic cookware and tableware is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining area. The exquisite, non-stick ceramic oven dishes and baking trays can be used for roasting and baking a wealth of delicious home-cooked meals, while serving the food onto the complementary ceramic plates and dishes will create the ultimate dining experience for your friends and family. And the charm of this range need not be confined to the dinner table – enjoy your morning cup of tea or coffee in one of Ceramiche Tapinassi’s characterful ceramic mugs to get your day off to the right start.

This charming collection offers a luxurious variety of items, meaning that it has something for each and every home; from white and nude shades to the most vibrant greens and purples, you can be sure to find mugs, dishes and bakeware to match your taste. Whether you prefer the rustic look of the coiled designs or a smoother finish, and whether you prefer oval or circular baking dishes, Ceramiche Tapinassi caters to your homeware needs.

Fashioned from the finest clay and able to withstand incredibly high temperatures, these ceramic dinner plates, mugs and dishes are not only one-of-a-kind, but also 100% microwave and dishwasher safe.

The family-run artisan house creates wonderful works of art entirely produced by hand using age-old methods. One of the world’s most ancient ceramics techniques - coiling (or ‘colombino’ in Italian) - is used to create the cookware and dinnerware, which is crafted exclusively for AllÓRA. The method involves shaping the ceramics by layering long strips of clay by hand, giving the items their stunning appearance which captures the heritage of the region and its people.

Once the craftspeople at Ceramiche Tapinassi have created each shape by coiling the clay, they take the items through a process of drying, finishing and sponging, before placing them into the oven at 1000 degrees centigrade for the first firing. This is called the 'toasting' stage. During the enamelling stage which follows, they treat each item with compressed air to remove any dust, which would stop the enamel coating from sticking to the clay. Every creation is coated with the enamel, either by spraying the item or dipping it into the glaze. It is then ready for the final decoration stage.

Decorating each item by hand, the painter applies one colour after another until the desired depth and balance of colour is achieved. The Tapinassi family use recycled glazes which include ingredients that make the colours fuse at a temperature of 940 degrees centigrade. The pieces are then carefully positioned inside the kiln, and after 18 hours of firing, the final work of art emerges brightly coloured with a classic glossy surface.

Every ceramic piece hailing from the Ceramiche Tapinassi workshop is a truly artisanal product, so slight variations in appearance are considered indicators of individuality rather than imperfection.