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Luxury Hand-made Decor

There’s no feeling more rewarding than giving someone a gift. If you’re looking for a gift that sparks joy in someone special, our unique Italian decor is a perfect choice. Whether it’s an opulent Murano bowl, hand-painted pot, artisan glass bracelet, or bowl of traditional, home-cooked Italian food, Italian gifts are sure to enthral the recipient.

At AllÓRA, our gorgeous collection of elegant Murano glass bowls, contemporary stoneware pots, ceramic tableware and hand-painted porcelain bowls not only add classic Italian style to any home but also make perfect gifts for anyone and any occasion.

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Artisan Murano glass gifts

Our hand-blown artisan glass creations are a perfect way to bring the much-loved style of Italy to your (or someone else's) home. Unique decorative glass bowls, crafted from the world-famous glass from the colourful island of Murano, Venice, are fine examples of Italian glass art. Murano glass is celebrated for its irregular surface which magnifies the light’s refractions, giving items made from Murano glass a dazzling finish, especially when placed by a window. Your loved one definitely won't be disappointed with this authentic Italian glass gift.

To create their hand-blown Italian Murano glass jewellery and homeware, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti combine ancient glass-fusing techniques with modern taste and creativity. Their vibrant, artisan glass designs make great gifts for Italy lovers, or simply anyone looking to add Italian luxury to their home in the form of an elegant glass bowl, pot or bracelet.

Why gift Murano glass?

Glass from Murano is not just your average glass. Each hand-blown Murano vase, pot and bowl is painstakingly designed by a gifted Italian glass-blower and steeped in Venetian history dating back to the 8th century. If you want a glass gift that truly symbolises Italy, decor made from Murano glass is the way to go.

Known as 'art glass' due to its versatility and ability to be manipulated into a variety of designs, shapes, textures and colours, this Venetian glass has unparalleled quality. Thus, Murano glass is the ideal material for any glassware.

Glass decor is a perfect gift choice - made even better when the glass itself comes straight from Italy. Our green Murano glass bowl is a true centrepiece. Resting on a sturdy black glass base, this decorative bowl makes a treasured ornament in any home or ideal storage bowl for vintage accessories or multicoloured fruit.

At AllÓRA, our glass gifts are a fine display of luxury Italian glasswork. Each unique glass dish or decorative bowl hails from Murano, the artisan glass capital of Italy, so you can be sure that your glass gift is of the highest quality, in pristine condition and offers the latest designs that Italy has to offer. Italian artisan glass makes a truly enchanting gift that will delight anyone who receives it.

Hand-made designer ceramic gifts

Alongside Murano glass gifts, our handmade Italian designer ceramics, crafted by the world-renowned Ceramiche Bucci, are another fantastic gift idea. Ceramiche Bucci is run by Gabriele Bucci, the nephew and disciple of Franco Bucci - one of Italy's most prestigious ceramicists.

With skills passed down from generation to generation, the Bucci team are the best in Italy when it comes to ceramic, stoneware products. Bucci offer a handcrafted collection of rustic stoneware gifts that can be personalised to a colour of your choosing upon request.

Specialising in stoneware, including bespoke stonefire pots, teapots and plates, Bucci's contemporary Italian designs effortlessly elevate any interior. Their stylish stoneware pots are the ideal gift for anyone who wishes to bring an authentic Italian feel to their cookware.

Why ceramics are the ideal Italian gift

Our ceramic and stoneware gifts are made from the finest hand-thrown Tuscan clay that Italy has to offer. Each ceramic bowl or stoneware pot has exceptional quality, conductibility and durability. Not only does ceramic cookware produce exquisite food, but it is also microwave, dishwasher and oven safe, making ceramics a dream to use in the kitchen. With a gift from our ceramic collection, your loved one will receive a piece of Italian luxury.

Ceramiche Bucci glaze their Tuscan clay with non-toxic enamels to produce their unique stoneware designs. With a highly sought-after antique, vintage look that's hard to replicate with other clay pots, their stoneware pots, bowls, and plates are toughened by extreme heat, making them immensely durable - even the pot lids. What's more, you can personalise the colour of your stoneware upon request. Whether you choose blue, green or traditional black, you know you'll always be receiving luxurious quality.

Give a piece of Italy wrapped up in a gift box with a contemporary glass or ceramic gift from our unique collection.