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Vintage Hemp Linen

Our vintage linen towels, table runners and cushion covers were hand-woven by master weavers over 75 years ago. So it is fair to say that these vintage hemp linen creations are extremely rare and prized. What makes these vintage linen pieces even rarer is the fact that the celebrated Italian artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi have recently hand-printed one-of-a-kind designs and colours onto the linen – blending the antique with the new.

Exclusive, hand-mixed, natural dyes are used to create the vivid colours on our vintage hemp linen creations. The skilled artisans have employed hand-printing techniques involving hand-carved blocks of pear wood – which are a work of art in their own right. In this way, Bertozzi have crafted truly unique, authentically Italian creations that will transport you into the past, while also offering all the quality that you would expect of high-end contemporary craftsmanship.

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