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Vintage Hemp Linen

The vintage linen that makes up our hand towels, bath towels, tea towels, table runners and cushion covers was hand-woven by master weavers over 75 years ago, so it is fair to say that these antique, vintage hemp linen creations are extremely rare and prized. What makes these vintage linen pieces even rarer is the fact that the celebrated Italian artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi have recently hand-printed one-of-a-kind designs and colours onto the linen, blending the antique with the modern.

Exclusive, hand-mixed, natural dyes are used to create the vivid colours on our vintage hemp creations. To create vintage looks to match the fabric, these skilled artisans have employed hand-printing techniques, such as the printing process of using hand-carved blocks of pear wood to apply designs. In this way, Bertozzi have crafted truly unique, authentically Italian creations that will transport you into the past, while also offering all the quality that you would expect of high-end contemporary textile craftsmanship.

Vintage Tea Towels

Our vintage tea towel selection features the best in unique hand woven pieces. Brighten up your kitchen with top quality tea towels made with our superior fabric, the vintage linen. Hemp linen fabric is three times stronger than cotton, meaning it is able to hold out against the abrasive action of rubbing. Also, it is also much more absorbent, giving our tea towels a higher performance factor and making them great to use as a kitchen dish towel.

A vintage tea towel would make for an excellent addition to your collection as it combines style and luxury with necessity. Our linen towels are made to withstand multiple uses and maintain their design, so that your towels will never be anything less than their absolute best.

Vintage Bath Towels

Hemp linen, like that made from flax, is extremely absorbent, making it an excellent bath towel fabric. While cotton bath towels are a popular choice for many, the antibacterial properties possessed by our vintage hemp fabric gives each towel a hygienic edge, the importance of which cannot be underestimated in the bathroom.

With a choice of many different colours, patterns and designs, our vintage linen towels can accentuate the theme of your bathroom. Whether it be a bath towel or hand towel, upgrade your towel collection and give into the luxurious feel of our vintage fabric when you step out of the bath or shower.

Vintage Cushion Covers

The vintage linen used to create our cushion covers offer a contemporary, yet rustic feel that will allow your cushions to shine through in any space. vintage cushion covers adorned in our designs will serve as the perfect finish to your interior. Whether it be a cushion for your bed or your sofa, elevate your comfort with our satisfyingly soft fabric while maintaining decorative style.

To ensure the durability of our cushions and to deter fading, we use luxuriously soft, hand-woven vintage hemp linen that can be washed multiple times and retain its quality. Hemp textiles are sustainably sourced and are essential for anyone looking for more a eco-friendly fabric. For a vintage cushion with both comfort and style, look no further.

Vintage Table Runners

With a vintage hemp linen table runner, you can add colour, texture, and body to your table. A table runner is the foundation of your table design, while simultaneously protecting the table from the wears and tears of the dining experience. Whether you are dining outside, in the dining room or the kitchen, a uniquely designed linen table runner can be that subtle yet distinguished element that transforms your table.

Our vintage hemp linen fabric combines the best of hand-weaving and hand-printing to create an unforgettable addition to the table, while accentuating authentic Italian homeware design. Charm and dazzle your guests with either long or short table runners crafted by our skilled artisans in a true celebration of heritage and tradition.

Hemp textiles also works exceptionally well outside, as it is highly absorbent, resistant to mould, and protected from UV rays. Al fresco dining is certainly a possibility when it comes to vintage hemp linen, which you can use to dress your table all year round.

Turn everyday occurrences into moments of pure luxury with our vintage tea towels, vintage hand towels, vintage bath towels, vintage cushion covers and vintage table runners, all of which have been entirely handcrafted from 100% antique vintage hemp linen.