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Luxury Linen Scarves

Our hand-picked collection of wonderful Italian scarves includes a selection of traditionally woven and hand-painted scarves that are not just stunningly beautiful – they are also truly unique. These artisan scarves are crafted from the very finest lightweight gauze linen that is pure, natural and organic.

We have selected these scarves ourselves from two of Italy’s most celebrated artisan houses – Stamperia Bertozzi and Tessitura Pardi. These authentically Italian scarves are woven in the traditional way, on a shuttle loom, by the master artisan Tessitura Pardi at his mill in the heart of Umbria, Italy.

So whether you want something bright and breezy to complement a casual look, or a more delicate pastel shade to complete a smarter outfit – these Italian scarves will give the luxurious flourish you’re looking for.

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