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Luxury Linen Scarves

Heralding from two of Italy’s most celebrated artisan houses, Stamperia Bertozzi and Tessitura Pardi, our luxury linen scarves are hand-woven on traditional shuttle looms in the heart of Umbria, Italy.

Not only are these linen scarves incredibly beautiful, they are also truly unique; a reflection of the skilful hands of the artisans who craft them.

Made from the finest lightweight gauze linen, our scarves are wonderfully soft to the touch and a joy to wear. Ideal additions to countless outfits, our linen scarves are available in a range of hand-printed colours, designs and finishes and each feature a charming fringe detail. A scarf is a versatile accessory to add to a wardrobe which both complements casual looks or adds the final, stylish touch to more formal attire, and a scarf from this range promises to stun as part of any outfit.

Whether you intend to wear it as a classic scarf for warmth, as a shawl in the summer months, as a neckerchief in between or intend to wrap it into a headscarf, this collection of lightweight scarves has something to suit your needs, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that one of our tasteful scarves will accentuate the look. Additionally, the range of colours that we offer opens the door to endless possibilities for wearing each linen scarf either formally or casually. No matter whether you favour muted tones such as the beige or white typical of linen, prefer a bright blue block colour or even a floral design, we have the scarf to match your taste.

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The Pardi Family are highly skilled artisans that have been creating quality fabrics using natural cotton and linen fibres since 1949. Their craftsmen use traditional techniques and shuttle looms to weave their creations in the heart of Italy at their Tessitura Pardi mill, so you can be sure that each one of the scarf designs has been developed with extreme care. Inspiration for the scarves has been drawn from the nature of the Umbrian region such as the sky, stone and even the colour of the earth.

The Bertozzi family are also responsible for some of the scarf designs you see in this range. Using traditional printing techniques since 1920, the Stamperia Bertozzi artisans use hand-carved blocks of pear wood to print various designs onto each individual linen scarf. Each and every vibrant colour that you see on the scarves has been hand-mixed using a secret family recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Wearable from winter through to summer, a scarf from this collection may be the ideal treat to yourself, but these linen accessories also make the perfect gift for someone special.