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Linen Aprons

Beautifully soft, our linen aprons boast all of the practicality you expect from a full apron whilst bringing authentic Italian style and charm to your kitchen.
Heralded for their luxury aesthetic, these hand-painted Italian aprons are true linen masterpieces that combine traditional artisanal techniques with crisp, sleek-looking designs. Each of these elegant kitchen aprons features an eye-catching central block of colour, accompanied by a white border surround. As the selection includes a variety of rich, deep hues, there is sure to be an apron that best matches your personal preferences and makes a smart addition to the unique décor of your kitchen and home.

The artisans of Stamperia Bertozzi use only the finest quality Italian linen in each of their creations. As you will see, not only has the utmost care been imparted into every brushstroke of paint on your designer linen apron, but the fabric itself also will certainly not disappoint. Each apron has been hand-woven on a traditional shuttle loom to create a garment so soft and light in weight that they feel extremely comfortable to wear. The light fabric that makes up these handmade aprons is made from 100% organic, crumpled linen that offers the piece an authentic, stonewashed look.

Our artisans have crafted these aprons with luxurious style in mind, but that’s not all. In addition to their chic appearance, these kitchen aprons have many redeeming qualities that make them perfectly functional and practical for their clear purpose – being used in the kitchen.

Handmade for everyday use in your kitchen, our cooking aprons are every bit as practical as they are attractive to look at. Whether you are cooking or baking, whenever you are taking on the role of the chef in the kitchen or serving food in your garden, our linen aprons will be your perfect companion.

These chef's aprons feature one large, handy pocket on the front, which serves at the perfect place for storing utensils, tea towels, oven mitts, or just about anything else you will be getting your hands on whilst cooking in the kitchen. In addition to its front pocket, your apron includes wide straps for your convenience. These are easily adjustable and allow you to tie your apron behind your back to ensure that it fits snugly against your body.

What makes linen aprons better than those made of other fabrics?

Aprons come in various materials; you can find aprons made of cotton, denim, canvas, and even leather. However, at AllÓRA, we recognise that it is not just linen's elegance that makes it a better choice of material for aprons than cotton and others, but its numerous practical benefits also.


Being a naturally durable material, linen is the ideal fabric for an apron. Of course, aprons are to be worn whilst cooking, and when cooking or handling any type of food, it is quite likely that you will experience spillages. For this reason, as you will want to keep your chef's apron in ideal condition, it could not be more important that it is machine-washable.

Our aprons are made from 100% natural, crumpled, pre-washed linen, so there is no need to iron them. Linen is such a strong natural fibre that even after countless washes, the weaves that make up your kitchen apron will not break down, and its colour will not fade. You can be sure that your item will stand the test of time!


Linen, as a material, is extremely capable of absorbing moisture, which it releases quickly by being quick-drying. With this in mind, no matter what types of spills and stains your chef's apron comes into contact with, it will be very capable of soaking them up. Moisture-wicking will happen quicker than with any other material, so no matter how wet your apron becomes, it will not see a buildup of bacteria.

Whether you are gifting a kitchen apron to yourself as a self-professed chef or to a friend or family member who enjoys cooking, a linen apron will not only ensure that you protect yourself from food stains, but that you also adorn yourself in Italian style.