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Italian Linen and Cotton Bath Towels

Marrying contemporary designs with ancient artisanal techniques, each of our Italian bath towels and hand towels is a celebration of both function and style. Simple additions to any home, these exquisite linen and cotton towels will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Hand-printed using traditional methods and natural dyes, the colours and patterning in our towel selection add a stylish accent to any interior, complementing the existing decor or adding rich counterpoints.

Bring supersoft linen or cotton towels into your bathroom and enjoy the relaxing spa experience after each and every bath or shower.

Created using shuttle looms, and printed by the artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi using carved blocks of pear wood, this towel range is an example of the finest Italian craftsmanship. Through designs which feature contemporary and traditional motifs against a white background, these towels will ooze elegant Italian aesthetics into your bathroom and come in assorted size options.

For no room is it more crucial to channel a refreshing aura than the bathroom. No matter whether it is for the benefit of yourself or that of your guests, the homeware in a washroom should reflect its nature as a space to unwind and feel at peace. Consider selecting from the charming colours available in a way that complements your bath mat, flannels or shower curtain to strike a truly harmonious note - even without the help of bubbles and candles.

Hand Towels

The smaller of our two towel sizes, these soft linen and cotton towels are ideal for drying your hands or for use as a face cloth. As linen fibres are naturally hypoallergenic and the material is not exposed to harsh chemicals during production, it is an ideal fabric for an item bound to be in close contact with the more sensitive areas of your and your guests’ skin. Additionally, towels made from cotton are 100% organic, meaning their fibres are free of pesticides and therefore safe for drying the skin.

Whether hung on the back of the bathroom door or folded over a towel rack, these luxury hand towels will add to the inviting atmosphere of your home’s washroom.

Bath Towels

Pairing your hand and bath towels is the key to completing your towel collection and achieving the ultimate designer bathroom look, which is why we offer larger bath sheets which match our hand towels.

Upgrading your bath linen from slow-drying towels to organic, soft and breathable linen or cotton alternatives will enhance your bathing experience in terms of comfort too. Made from the purest fabrics, our cotton and linen bath towels provide unmatched levels of absorbency and possess antibacterial qualities respectively, all whilst making for an unrivalled tactile experience. This means that your bath time will be as hygienic as it is restorative and rejuvenating.