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Italian Designer Kitchenware

Italian style, rooted in the appreciation of intricate details and form, can be found in our selection of designer Italian kitchenware. Renowned across the world for both its performance and design, Italian kitchenware adds flair and an authentic touch to your cooking and dining experience.

A celebration of both art and tradition, our selection of hand-printed tea towels, ceramic bakeware, copper cookware and kitchen items are perfect for both cooking your food and serving it in style.

Each designer item will bring a joyous feeling to your kitchen and table, and the stylish designs will complement and enhance your decor through bold colours, delicious textures and elegant shapes.

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Our range of kitchen products are perfect for creating a homely, welcoming atmosphere in your cooking space. Whether your kitchen is more of a functional area which is separate from your dining room, or whether you like to have meals at the kitchen table, our artisanal kitchenware is guaranteed to transform your kitchen into an aesthetically awe-inspiring domestic haven.

Linen Tea Towels

Our eclectic collection of linen tea towels has something for all tastes in decor. No matter whether you prefer floral detailing, coastal motifs or bold colours, our selection of pure linen tea towels ensures that you do not have to compromise on style even when it comes to such a practical item of kitchenware. The hand-printed patterns of Stamperia Bertozzi and the hand-stitched designs of Tessitura Pardi will provide accents of finesse to your food preparation space, whether the tea towels be hanging from an oven handle or being used to serve warm dishes at the table.

Linen Napkins

Woven from the finest hemp linen, these fringed napkins are the perfect companion to any meal and table setting. Absorbent, anti-bacterial and easy to clean, linen napkins will elevate the level of table etiquette at special occasions and help with any messes and spills as you enjoy more laid-back dinners.

Linen Aprons

Nothing conjures up the comforting image of home cooking like an apron. Whether you are preparing a casserole loaded with sauces or whether you are baking using a wealth of flour, keeping your clothing clean is key to the cooking experience not just in terms of hygiene, but enjoyment too. Our hand-painted linen aprons fulfil this purpose with the added benefit that they bring artisanal charm and splashes of colour to your cooking attire.

Copper Cookware

Copper pots and pans are the ultimate addition to any kitchen - evoking rustic Italian homeliness, their burnished surfaces make them well-suited to being hung on display rather than tucked away in storage cupboards. Not only will our Tanucci copper saucepans, pots and frying pans look resplendent in your kitchen, but their unmatched thermal conductivity will allow for a more precise cook and, by extension, a meal full of its flavour potential.

Ceramic Cookware

It is only fitting that you should prepare and serve your lovingly home-made food in cookware that has been produced as meticulously as the meal itself. For this reason, we offer an array of ceramic pots, dishes, baking trays and teapots crafted by the artisans at Ceramiche Bucci and Ceramiche Tapinassi that is bound to enchant your family and friends. From oven to table, these durable pieces of bakeware are ideal for roasts, pies and puddings alike.

Ceramic Tableware

Our selection of ceramic plates are the result of contemporary design coupled with traditional techniques. These hand-made Italian creations come in a range of colours that can complement any table linen, and your guests will be able to enjoy their artisanal beauty throughout the mealtime.