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Linen Placemats & Table Runners

At AllÓRA, we believe in elevating and refining your dining setting. Our luxury table runners bring balance and harmony to any occasion and our placemats add that extra touch. Whether for a refined aesthetic or a more colourful, modern look, we offer the finest designer table runners and placemats for every occasion.

What makes them even more special is that the expert artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi have used their skills to adorn the fabrics with hand-crafted, hand-printed designs and colours. Hand-woven and hand-painted, each luxury table runner is produced using traditional, time-honoured methods passed down from generation to generation using organic, natural linens and pigments.

Soft cream linens with flecks of flowers, crisp whites, delicate greys, abstract motifs and warming colours add flair and style to your table for unforgettable dining experiences.

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At AllÓRA, our table runners can be used on any type of table for an array of occasions, and when paired with our linen napkins or bespoke porcelain, you can create a beautiful table setting for all of your diners to behold.

What can a table runner or placemat bring to your dining setting?

When thinking about table design there are many aspects to consider. Using our hand-woven table runner, while beautiful, is also practical as it serves to protect your table from and scuffs and scrapes caused by pots and serving dishes.

With the addition of a linen placemat set you can add flair to practicality and impress you diners with table decor that embodies authentic Italy. A linen placemat can also be used to protect the tablecloth or table underneath.

Table runners also serve as a visual centre for your table, instantly drawing attention to the spread you have laid out across your table linen.


The design and placement of your hand-printed, hand-painted table linen can express the ambience of your table setting. Whether it be in the dining room, kitchen or outdoors, you can use linen placemats and runners to dress your table.

Table runners can be used in any way you imagine; they can be laid down the centre of the table in the traditional way, or you could decide to lay a pair of table runners lengthwise across the table with one on each side to create the look of extravagant placemats.

In the same sense, placemats can be used either with the runner or without. Our hand-woven placemats can be paired with a matching linen tablecloth to create a dining table with fabrics that complement each other.

Pairing both the table runner and placemats with a linen tablecloth can create a harmonious aesthetic, however if you want the table to be the main event consider leaving the table bare underneath the runner. Using our napkins or bespoke porcelain can serve as another way to complete your table setting - with matching napkins your style can be present at the table without being overbearing.


Our Linen runners and placemats have been made with the highest quality, naturally crumpled linen. Each linen placemat and runner has an exclusive design that has been printed onto the hand-woven linen making every piece a unique work of art perfect for any dining event.


Using linen fabric comes with many benefits as it is a very high-quality, durable fabric that has been sustainably sourced. It is also very absorbent and so protects your table by quickly soaking up and spills and messes more than any cotton tablecloth could.

Design and develop a table that is sure to spark conversation with our luxury table runners, linen placemats and tablecloths.