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Linen Cushion Covers

Linen cushion covers can convert any ordinary cushion or pillow into a delightful, treasured piece of artwork. These decorative cushion covers not only promise to light up any living room or bedroom with their handpainted charm and vivid watercolour shades, but they also offer undisputed comfort due to the natural linen that makes up their construction.

Printed and painted entirely by hand, each linen cushion cover is produced using traditional artisanal techniques to create unique designs—both vintage and contemporary—that effortlessly add a warming appeal to any room. Our designer covers for cushions and pillows have been carefully selected to help you transform your home decor through their elegant colours, designs and fabrics.

Vintage hemp that dates back to the 1940s makes up some of the covers for cushions and pillows in this selection; a blend of organic linen that will bring sweeps of rustic allure to your home. Softer, more contemporary selections are available also, which feature 100% natural crumpled linen. All of our exquisite fabrics are organic and bring a natural feeling of luxury to your home.

Whether graduated or single colours, angled lines that have been block printed or floral prints and motifs, the wide range of designs and shades ensure there is a cushion for every taste or decor. Choose from faint tones, including calming whites and greys, through to more exuberant, colourful options. Whichever colour or design you choose, your cushions and pillows are guaranteed to present themselves as true works of art.

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Our stylish range of cushion covers hails from the intimate workshop of Stamperia Bertozzi, where each design has been either painted by hand or delicately applied using an ancient textile printing technique with blocks of pear wood, also entirely by hand. Made using the finest linen woven on traditional shuttle looms and decorated using inspiration from the floral, faunal and coastal beauty of the Emilia-Romagna region, our cushion covers offer something for every home. Whether you prefer your cushions and pillows to have a bold, bohemian look, tend to go for Mediterranean blue and grey, or prefer more muted tones in your soft furnishings, this range will help introduce hints of Italian elegance into any room.

What makes linen the best fabric choice for cushion covers?

Cushion covers are a staple when perfecting the aesthetic of an interior; they can add punctuations of colour and act as surfaces on which to display the art of our talented artisans. Additionally, they are synonymous with furniture that provides comfort, so selecting cushion covers is an exercise in identifying a fabric that is both attractive and practical.

Hypoallergenic qualities

Linen is the ideal material for those with allergies or sensitive skin, due to being produced without the use of harsh chemicals. Whether you wish to lay your head down in your bedroom or snuggle up on your sofa, there is no need to worry about our 100% organic fabric irritating your skin or that of your guests. Additionally, a benefit of using a cover for the cushions and pillows that you already have in your home is that you will essentially upgrade them. Even if your cushions are cotton-based, they will benefit from featuring linen on their exterior.


The fibres in linen are made up of strong flax, making it incredibly naturally durable. While many cushion covers on the market are made from cotton, our use of a material that is twice as thick means that these pieces are easily washable, yet will maintain their splendour for years to come. Furthermore, linen is recyclable and biodegradable; not only can you glean a lifetime of comfort from these items, but you can take a step towards more sustainable homeware.

Adorn your home with our handcrafted collection; revel in the luxury of linen cushion covers that have been crafted by hand for your comfort and enjoyment.