Bespoke Porcelain

Whether through complete sets of plates, bowls, serving dishes or vases, introducing bespoke porcelain to your dinnerware and crockery sets helps to build a coherent and unique style to your table and home.

Decorated by hand and made to order, our selection of one-of-a-kind patterns bring both texture and harmony to any plate, bowl or dinner set. Depth and contrast can be added through painted stripes, contemporary and classic motifs or personalised monograms and other intricate designs.

What’s more, choosing a style to suit you is easy with our wide-ranging choice of glazes and colours. Soft pastels, earthy neutrals and bright hues and glossy whites allow you to create and design pieces that are the perfect way to serve your favourite food or can be a flourishing touch to a stylish ornament.

With the colours and designs available, your luxury porcelain dinnerware can be extremely versatile. Experiment with different stylistic opportunities to create a dinner set that suits the theme of your meal or the atmosphere you are trying to create.

These handmade items are both durable and easy to clean, and the organic material is guaranteed to bring a natural feeling to your table. Not only will you be able to take pride in your bespoke bowl or plate, as your porcelain’s design will be entirely unique, it will be all the more appealing to family and friends.

Every bespoke, handmade piece of tableware has been created with extreme care and precision. Unlike dinnerware that has been produced on a production line, no two items are the same – variations in finish and appearance clearly display that every bowl, plate or dish is entirely unique to the next. Because of their individuality, the majority of bespoke dinner sets, bowls and plates produced by our network of artisans go on to become heirlooms for years to come, forming the centrepiece of a family’s porcelain collection.

About the artisan

Each of our bespoke Limoges porcelain items are sculpted by hand by Stamperia Bertozzi using age-old techniques that date back centuries. The esteemed artisan house draws on years of experience spent perfecting their craft to take ideas from concept stage to create beautifully designed, personalised bowls, plates, dinner sets and dinnerware finished to perfection, tailor-made with your bespoke design in mind.

At AIIÓRA, we specialise in bringing your vision to life, and our personalised customised porcelain pieces are produced to your exact specifications. No order is too small or large for the talented craftspeople we work with – whether it’s a single porcelain bowl or plate or an extensive tableware collection, we can ensure that your decorative dinnerware comes out exactly as you envisaged.

Why choose porcelain tableware?

Despite its fragile appearance, one of porcelain’s most redeeming qualities is its strength and durability, making it a great choice for dinnerware. Porcelain is microwave-safe and excellent when used as oven dishes, as the material distributes heat evenly. Due to its glossy, smooth texture, your personalised bespoke dinner set will be very easy to clean. What’s more, porcelain’s glossy texture allows for easy plating, as food doesn’t stick to the dish from which it is served.

As a material, porcelain is highly capable of withstanding the elements. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, porcelain, unlike many other ceramics, will not form cracks.

Add flair and elegance by using bespoke porcelain kitchenware to makeover your kitchen. Centuries ago, porcelain was considered a true luxury, now you can elevate the appearance of your kitchen or dining space by owning your very own bespoke porcelain items of luxury homeware.

Explore inspiring designs that have been handcrafted for some of our clients by viewing the images below or by visiting our gallery. For any questions or to discuss your ideas, get in touch with AIIÓRA via [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 3701 4076.

bespoke porcelain

The making of Beatrice porcelain bowl

handmade porcelain bowl

Hand-printed porcelain bowl Beatrice design

The making of a gold porcelain bowl 

Gold Limoges porcelain bowl

Handmade porcelain bowl Sfumato design

luxury porcelain table set

Table set Chevron design

Table set Sfumato design

Bertozzi handmade porcelain dinner set

Handmade porcelain dinner set Thin rim

Bertozzi table set

Handmade porcelain dinnerware Stone

Bertozzi handmade porcelain

Handmade porcelain dinnerware Stone

Bertozzi hand painted linen tablecloth

Handmade porcelain dinner sets Full-painted

Bertozzi mustard linen

Handmade porcelain bowl 30x17cm pink outside mustard inside

Bertozzi handmade tableau collection

Tableau collection

bertozzi italian handmade

Tableau collection

Handmade porcelain plates Sfumato and Border

bertozzi coloured linen tablecloth

Handmade porcelain plates Sfumato and Border

Bertozzi Italian linen

Handmade porcelain plates Sfumato and Diamond design

Handmade porcelain plates Border design

Handmade porcelain plates Sfumato

Handmade porcelain plates Sfumato

Bertozzi porcelain bowl

Handmade Limoges porcelain bowl 43x10cm

Bertozzi linen napkin

Hand-printed table set Acanthus Leaves

hand made porcelain tableware, allorashop

Hand-printed table set Forchette design

handmade porcelain plates fish design

Hand-printed porcelain plates Panarea design

Hand-printed porcelain plates Panarea design

Bertozzi linen tablecloth

Hand-printed Flying Family porcelain plates

Bertozzi porcelain vases

Hand-printed porcelain vases

Hand made porcelain vase

Hand-printed porcelain vase Daucus design

Bertozzi handmade porcelain vases

Hand-printed porcelain vases 

porcelain vase by bertozzi

Hand-printed porcelain vase Fleure Sauvage design