Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti

Expertly crafted by the dedicated hands of the Italian artisan house Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti, our ranges of glass jewellery, hand-blown glassware and hand-fused glass centrepieces are created from world-famous Murano glass. To produce these Venetian glass creations, the craftspeople combine the ancient art of glasswork with contemporary influences.

Murano glass hails form the island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon and is often referred to as ‘art glass’ due to its versatility and aesthetic beauty. Glass from Murano is celebrated for its irregular surface, which magnifies the light’s refractions and creates a magical effect – an effect exhibited in the work of Daniela Poletti.

Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti’s collection of Murano glass bracelets offers something for each and every taste. Coming in a variety of colours and shapes, these elegant bracelets feature gold detailing along with nature-inspired motifs, such as flowers and insects, in bronze metalwork. Whether you prefer to team your earrings and necklaces with chunky bangles or more classic bracelets, a piece from this jewellery collection will provide that touch of Venetian glamour to your outfit.

The Murano glass centrepieces in this range make for wonderful additions to your homeware. Dishes and bowls are available in an assortment of designs which, whether used ornamentally or for holding food, are guaranteed to bring the stylish charm of Italy into your home through the beauty of the Venetian glass.

Glassware from Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti is a skilful combination of clear Venetian glass and coloured glass. The 15th century process for producing this colourless ‘cristallo’ glass endured and has been used to craft these exquisite jugs, goblets, tumblers, glasses, tea cups and coffee mugs. From floral, to coastal, to circular patterns, these pieces of Murano glass drinkware are expressions of art as much as they are practical items.

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Since she was a child, Daniela Poletti Zino has been fascinated by cathedrals’ colourful stained glass windows, but she could have never imagined then that glass would become her life’s work. During a stroll through Milan while expecting her second child, Daniela discovered an artisanal glass laboratory. As she returned to the laboratory each day to observe the glass masters at work, her fascination with glass deepened, and she decided to dedicate her life to this mysterious, alchemic material.

Daniela enrolled on a programme of glass fusing courses and developed a talent for artisanal techniques. With her very first collection – an assortment of succulents and flowers – she achieved success as a specialist glass retailer in Milan purchased 80 pieces of her work.

Daniela then took part in her first exhibition at Milan’s Salone del Mobile (furniture fair). Within a few years, what was destined to become Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti, a company unique in its genre, began expanding its craft to include home decoration, delicate jewels and works of art made from Murano glass. In 1992, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti as we know it was born.

Murano glass has been produced in the Venetian lagoon for centuries, with the glassmakers of Venice considered to be amongst the most skilled worldwide. Glass beads, jewellery and vases are amongst the many items that the island of Murano exports, often made using techniques such as millefiori.

To fully express the potential of Murano glass, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti employ glass-fusing techniques that were used thousands of years ago by Egyptians and Phoenicians. Combining this ancient art with modern taste and creativity, and with tireless research and experimentation, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti craft truly unique creations, with new colourings and use of new materials – both precious and recycled.

The result of their approach is a selection of handmade Venetian glass items in vibrant colours and different styles; a perfect synthesis of the traditional and the contemporary, the art and the craft, the idea and the technique.