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Murano Glass Bracelets

Both deeply desirable and fashionable, a Murano glass bracelet is a must-have item that will bring a refined, fresh Italian-inspired, Murano-style look to your wardrobe. Whether adding a chic glass accent to a formal outfit or bringing a sense of Murano originality and glamour to your collection of bracelets, our designer bracelets made from Murano glass will capture your individuality and will allow the high-end charm of Italy to shine through.

In each creation, layers of Venetian glass are fused together to create a shimmering, smooth and natural finish. The captivating and charming Murano glass beads are decorated with motifs inspired by the natural world, as intricately detailed bronze and gold ornaments which take on the shapes of leaves, scarabs, butterflies, lizards and more adorn the cherished glass. The perfect Murano glass accessory, these luxury bracelets marry the skill of glassmaking with the art of creating fine jewellery and make for a perfect gift for either yourself, or another special person in your life.

To create bracelets of Murano glass that combine ancient glass art making techniques with contemporary creativity and flair, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti conduct tireless research and experiment with every possible outcome. By using both precious and recycled materials in the beads and bronze and gold motifs that make up these wonderful bracelets of Murano glass, this artisanal powerhouse brings the best of Venetian style to the world through their unique, timeless glass creations.

Available in a curated selection of styles and rich colours, our handmade Venetian  bracelets of Murano glass are the ideal addition to any and every jewellery box.

This striking collection of bracelets incorporates the beauty of Venice in its enchanting designs. Hand-made glass beads are made with glass from the island of Murano in Venice and are embellished with images inspired by Mother Nature. Each of these wonderful glass jewellery pieces will help you achieve the epitome of Venetian and Italian style.

Why is Murano glass ideal for jewellery?

Murano glass is extremely versatile, allowing artisans to express their creativity and the extent of their artistic techniques to the highest level. While it is made by melting together silica, soda, lime and potassium at scorchingly high temperatures, the production process allows for the addition of other minerals which can add a range of vibrant colours to the otherwise clear glass. The hot, malleable Murano glass is then manipulated to give form to the maker’s vision, and the result is opulent jewellery in such a variety of shapes and hues that mean that, in the case of this selection, there is a bracelet to suit all tastes.

In addition to this, the rich history of Murano glass is a centuries-old story of luxury. The material once became such a sought-after commodity in Venice that the skilled glass blowers of Murano gained a social standing high enough for their children marry royalty. Using Murano glass to craft such precious items is therefore the perfect nod to the glass's regal past.

Styling your bracelet

Bracelets are the ideal addition to any outfit, be it as single, statement pieces of jewellery or combined with multiple complementary items. The fine bronze and gold detailing in this collection means these stunning bracelets can be effortlessly co-ordinated with a plethora of accessories, from a gold tone necklace to a colourful pair of earrings. Whether you prefer the elaborate, angular ‘Mystery’ bracelet, which comes in both Ebony Black and Ivory White, or the delicate, velvety ‘Hope’ bracelet, which is available in both Purple and Green, our bracelets of Murano glass will elevate your look and add to it a touch of Venetian glamour.

About the artisan

Daniela Poletti Zino mastered the ancient glass-fusing techniques used to make Murano glass at an artisanal lab in Milan which she stumbled upon by chance. In the workshop, it became clear that the childhood fascination she had had with coloured glass translated into a true talent, and by 1992 she had launched her very own line, Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti.

Ever since, she has found immense success creating unique bracelets and other pieces for the home and for the jewellery box by using traditional iron tools to remodel molten Murano glass. With a style that blends together this historical practice and a modern taste, a glass item from Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti promises to be an enchanting addition to your daytime or evening attire.

Showcase the beauty of Venice and augment any look with the artisanal charm of a bracelet crafted from Murano glass.