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Copper Cookware 

Used by professional chefs across the world, copper offers an unparalleled cooking experience. Our handmade Italian copper cookware is crafted by artisans who have, for over three centuries, been celebrated for both their technical expertise and their stylish designs.

The metal of choice for professional kitchens across the world, our handmade Italian copper kitchenware allows you to cook beautiful meals at home. Copper is the perfect heat conductor; when used, the stove’s temperature is dispensed across the cooking surface saving both time and energy. Compatible with gas hobs and electric stoves (excluding induction) our selection of handmade Italian copper pots and pans makes the cooking of your food as pleasurable as the eating of it.

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AllÓRA's charming range of artisanal cookware comes in a selection of sizes and designs. Featuring fitted lids and solid cast brass handles alongside fine tinning, a piece from this copper cookware set will help you bring high-end taste into the home, in terms of both cooking and style.

Why choose copper cookware?

There are many reasons why someone would choose copper pots and copper pans over those made of stainless steel, tin and more, for use in the kitchen. Not only is copper kitchenware wonderful to look at (any kitchen magazine will prove this!), these handmade utensils are extremely hard-wearing and functional, leading to a more pleasant cooking experience.


A piece of copper cookware or a copper utensil is a staple for achieving an all-round luxury cooking experience. Minimally processed compared to other materials and, by extension, a healthier option for food preparation, cookware forged from copper has a price that reflects its exceptional quality. Its additional natural resilience means that any pot or pan in your kitchen will last for years to come, making it an astute investment as well as a source of instant satisfaction.


From an interior design perspective, adding copper into your kitchenware is the perfect way to strike the balance between a rustic tone and a contemporary look, guaranteeing elegance and warmth even in the most functional part of the home. Considering copper's earliest use as a wholly decorative material stemmed from its captivating shine and unique colour, these copper pots and pans are well-suited to being hung on display rather than stored in your cookware cupboard.


Not only is copper superior to stainless steel and cast iron in an aesthetic sense, but it has many properties which place it above its metal counterparts in terms of suitability for cookware. With over five times the thermal conductivity of cast iron and twenty-five times that of stainless steel, this cookware distributes heat uniformly from the bottom to the sides of the pot or pan, ensuring you get the best out of the food you are preparing. As well as being energy-saving by allowing for faster heat conduction, copper also maintains its heat constantly, preventing your meal from sticking to the tin-lined surface.

About the artisan

The Tanucci family have been passionately crafting copper pans and cookware since 1790. In a production process that has been passed down through generations, their reverence of this raw material is evident from the moment they receive it from the quarry to the moment they tin the products over an open fire. The Tanucci artisan house, located on the banks of the river Aso, is part of the ancient workmanship tradition of the Marche region of Italy, and creates what could be considered the finest hand-hammered copper kitchenware on the market today.

Enliven your kitchen and your cooking with a pan, pot, saucepan or frying pan from our Tanucci cookware set today.