Bespoke Linen Tablecloths

Whatever your style, our artisans can produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind, bespoke linen tablecloths just for you. Crafted in the colour and design of your choice, or from your own ideas, each of our tablecloths is decorated using traditional hand-painted and block-printed techniques. Sized and shaped to order, the organic, soft and beautifully textured Italian linen used in each of our bespoke linen tablecloths has been handwoven on traditional looms. Whether you are looking for a rustic, stonewash or crisp formal look for your tablecloth, we offer a large selection of rich linens in various finishes that can suit any table and home. With a large collection of colours, contemporary designs and classical motifs, a bespoke linen tablecloth can elevate a simple supper or become the table’s stylish centrepiece at special occasions.

Bespoke Linen tablecloths - ruler and scissors sitting on top of a roll of fabric
Create a fine dining experience with a tablecloth that has been bespoke entirely to your preferences. Our tablecloths can also be paired with matching napkins to create a linen table setting unlike any other that will add new depth to your existing table decor. By opting for a linen tablecloth that has been bespoke entirely for you, you will elevate your surroundings and bring to life the vision of perfection for any event. Handcrafted with the utmost care and precision, our table linen will make a statement nobody can ignore.
We offer a wide variety of types of linen, with fabric producing feels and aesthetics from rustic and authentic to professional and elegant. Select a linen fabric that suits you best from organic linen, cotton, blended cotton or hemp linen.
Tied together with matching linen napkins or linen table runners and coupled with your chosen colour and hand-painted or detailed block-printed design you can transcend the dining experience far beyond the classic white on white theme and broaden the scope of what is possible.
Whether you need to cover a table for a wedding, dinner party or a Sunday meal with your family, choosing a bespoke tablecloth with your own custom design adds a special touch that will not go unnoticed. We ensure that the high-end luxury feel of authenticity is woven into the fibre of our linen fabric, displaying Italian style and heritage.
As the saying goes, ‘the first bite is with your eyes’, so allow your guests to feast on the best visual aesthetics that you can provide and let the quality and beauty of the fine dining experience speak for itself.

The selection below showcases some of our most popular commissions and we would be delighted to assist you with your own creation. For more ideas and inspiration visit our gallery. Reach out to us at [email protected] or via +44 (0)20 3701 4076.

Hand-printed linen tablecloth Deer

Italian linen tablecloth red - bespoke linen tablecloth - luxury table setting of white ceramic

Hand-printed linen tablecloth Acanthus Leaves

bespoke design of tablecloth
bespoke Italian linen tablecloth mustard
Italian gold luxury linen napkins in bespoke design
silver finished bespoke table linen

Hand-printed linen tablecloth Majolica design

colour chart for bespoke tablecloths
hand painting a bespoke tablelcoth
block printing a tablecloth
bespoke green table linen rustic

Hand-painted and hand-printed linen tablecloth Felicina

Bertozzi parrot linen napkins

Block-printed Colombi linen napkins

colimbi bespoke table linens
bertozzi colour block tablecloth bespoke made

Hand-painted linen tablecloth

handpainted-linen-murous tablecloth custom made

Hand-painted linen tablecloth Murous design

Bertozzi linen napkins flowers

Hand-printed table linen L’heure bleue design

Bertozzi fish tablecloth made to order by Allora

Panarea design

row of bespoke linen drying on a rack

Taormina design

Block-printed feathers tablecloth

Block-printing linen tablecloth Feathers

Bertozzi bespoke gold fish tablecloth

Block-printed linen tablecloths Panarea in silver and gold