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Linen Throws and Blankets

Our collection of linen throws and blankets incorporate handcrafted elegance, eye-catching colours, delightful designs and supreme softness into every thread.

Capable of complementing the décor of any living room or bedroom with the utmost ease with their Italian flair, these pleasant linen throws will breathe new life into your home. Whether you are looking to add a splash of colour as a finishing touch to your living room or bedroom or something delicately comfortable to wrap around yourself and your guests when dining outdoors during the summer months, there is sure to be a linen blanket or throw that is perfect for you.

Our selection features designs that range from simple to exuberant, with single-colour waffle throws, as well as canvas throws featuring floral patterns finding their place among the range.

As functional as they are attractive to look at, these throws offer unrivalled levels of comfort, warmth, and cosiness. Made in Italy from genuine, organic 100% natural linen, our throws and blankets of linen are delightfully soft and gratifying to the touch. Needless to say, these lightweight, yet substantial throws make for excellent gifts, either to a loved one or yourself.

When used in the living room, our throws will sit perfectly alongside one of our luxurious cushion covers, and in the bedroom, they work as the perfect embellishment to your bed. Place them atop a selection from our fantastic, exquisitely comfortable range of bed linen.

Each of the linen blankets, quilts and throws within the range are not just excellent during the colder months of the year, they are perfect for use all year round. They make all-seasons cosy companions, whilst adding an authentic touch of handcrafted charm.

Perfect for snuggling into after a long day, linen throws offer moments of pure relaxation. They promise to help you to unwind and enjoy comfortable evenings of peace, regardless of the temperature.

What makes linen the ideal material for throws and blankets?

Linen is a luxury material that carries a variety of redeeming qualities that ensure it feels like a pleasure when it comes into contact with your skin. With its uniquely individual texture, welcoming softness and natural creases, it makes for the perfect cuddle companion.

Resistant qualities

Linen is anti-allergic, anti-static and bacteria resistant, meaning that it is extremely unlikely that you will experience irritation when it touches your skin.

Ventilating and temperature regulating

Linen fabric is held in high regard to to its breathability. It contains a lower thread count than the majority of other fabrics, which allows air to flow freely between the fibres. The result - you are kept cool and comfortable. Its temperature regulating qualities mean that you when you are hoping to be kept warm, you will be, and you will not need to worry about overheating.

Kind to skin

Each of our throws is made from 100% organic natural linen fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Regardless of whether you have any allergies or not, you can be sure that your throw will not have come into contact with any harsh chemicals during its production.

About the artisan

Stamperia Bertozzi have been creating the most wonderful hand-printed and hand-painted fabrics since 1920. Using traditional techniques, this reputable linen house and its expert artisans hand-carve blocks of pear wood to produce stamps which are used to print designs onto fabric. The family's procedure follows Renaissance tradition, which when combined with the artisans' elegant contemporary motifs, leads to the creation of true masterpieces.

Enjoy moments of luxury and comfort with a wonderfully soft, attractive-looking linen throw.