Hello! Welcome to AllÓRA. We are Federica and Alberto. We’re delighted that you’ve come to visit.

At AllÓRA, we believe in the finest quality, authenticity, passion and craftsmanship. We love the craftspeople we’ve built close relationships with – and the traditions and stories behind the beautiful creations they handcraft. We feel such admiration for the approach our artisans take to create these precious, magical and unique works of art.

Do you know that the Italian word AllÓRA means ‘in the past’? Well, our philosophy is oggi come AllÓRA – ‘today as before’.

The creations you find here are a fusion of the past and the present. With the techniques the artisans use, each item pays tribute to the proud traditions of Italian craftsmanship. And in their artistic influences, they bring their creations into the modern day with fresh, distinctive designs.

We make a personal selection of the very highest quality Italian textiles, ceramics, glassware and cookware. We do this by travelling through Italy, meeting artisans and spending time at their studios. We talk with them about their history, their influences and their approach. We discuss the things they create – and we propose ideas for new creations they could potentially craft with us. We then hand-select the collections you find here on AllÓRA.

We stock the majority of the items you see here – and we also offer items that the artisans create by request. In addition to that, we offer a bespoke service so that you can discuss with us what you are looking for – and we can ask the artisans to craft it especially for you.

We are always more than happy to help you in any way we can. So please feel free to get in touch with us:

+44 (0) 20 3701 4076
[email protected]

We look forward to helping you find a beautiful artisan creation that reflects your unique personality and the special character of your home.

Federica and Alberto