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Hemp Linen 

There is so much to love about hemp linen. The fabric, cultivated for thousands of years, can be used for a range of purposes, according to the weight. Highly absorbent, it has natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould qualities, making it perfect to use in the dining room, living room or kitchen. A simple fabric, hemp lends itself to being both innately elegant and contemporary. Soft and with a charming natural colour, it is no wonder that our Italian artisans have used hemp to produce fine tablecloths, cushions, throws and napkins to accompany any decor or style.

The soft linen fabric colour that you will notice on each product below is the naturally occurring, unbleached colour of hemp. By not using any dyes in the creation of the fabric itself, we preserve the superior quality of the material that makes up each of  these sustainable options. 

These ecological textiles have been spun, woven and finished without the use of toxic chemicals. This minimal treatment allows the organic material’s beauty to shine through, and in turn, allows you to appreciate the fabric in all its glory. By using sustainable methods, in the creation of all of our items of hemp linen, we ensure that no harmful chemical residue can be absorbed through the skin or lungs when using our products.

Hemp Origins

Hemp originates from the non-intoxicating stalk of the Cannabis sativa plant. There are two layers to the plant’s stalk - the outer layer has rope-like bast fibre, and those of the inside layer are woody and pith-like. It is the outer layer hemp fibres that go into making our fabrics. Much like the way in which linen originates from cellulose flax that grows inside the stalks of the flax plant, the fibres that create the hemp fabric that we know and love have been used for millennia.

Hemp Linen Tablecloths

By combining techniques that are both ancient and contemporary, our artisans have woven the hemp and flax fibres that make up your hemp tablecloths and other hemp products into an incredibly soft and breathable organic cloth. Despite the strength of the fabric, each hemp linen tablecloth is incredibly soft to the touch. As well as being sustainable and eco-friendly, each of our hemp linen items is machine-washable, and the more washing an item receives, the softer it becomes.

The woven linen fabric will offer an authentic feel to your dining experiences, with each product's natural imperfections only adding more originality to your hemp linen piece.


While being incredibly durable, hemp linen is also highly resistant to microbes, mould and odour-causing bacteria, making it last much longer than other fabrics such as cotton or polyester. It also takes well to being washed multiple times giving you greater softness to enjoy over time while still maintaining its integrity and gloss.

Aside from its antibacterial qualities, natural hemp fabric is known to regulate temperature and also act as an insulator. Unlike other natural fabrics like cotton, it can both keep you cool and warm.

Our hemp linen fabric is also unaffected by ultraviolet rays, so it will not fade or decay with long and repeated exposure to sunlight. This benefit is great for the fabric but also for you skin as it also blocks ultraviolet-B rays which are known to cause skin aging.

As one of the most sustainable fabrics available, hemp has earned its eco-friendly reputation. Each of our products derived from natural hemp linen are a must for those making conscious decisions to use sustainable methods and look after the environment.

As sustainable as they are elegant and functional, items of homeware made from hemp linen are sure to introduce a wonderful sense of homeliness, no matter where they find themselves in your house.