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Hemp Linen Tablecloths

There is so much to love about hemp. A naturally ecologically friendly fabric, it is produced from a renewable and biodegradable source that grows easily without the need to use chemicals. It’s deep root system helps prevent soil erosion whilst eliminating toxins. Also highly drought resistant, it is a crop that has been around for thousands of years. Hemp fibres are strong and tough whilst the seeds provide an excellent source of protein. Because it grows fast, farmers love it. When converted into a fabric, it can be used for a mix of purposes, according to the weight. Very absorbent, it has natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould qualities, making it perfect to use in the dining room or kitchen. A wonderfully simple fabric, hemp lends itself to being innately elegant and contemporary. Soft and with a charming natural colour, it is no wonder that Italian artisans have turned to hemp to produce fine tablecloths in several stunning designs.

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