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Italian Linen Cushion Covers & Throws

Sophisticated detailing meets with minimalist colour schemes in our fine Italian linen cushion covers and throws. Simple additions to any living room, Italian linen throws and cushion covers effortlessly complement and enhance the colour palette of a room.

Produced by master craftsmen and inspired by their native regions and history, each of our Italian linen homeware pieces is crafted using ancient methods. Hand-printing and hand-painting the comfortingly soft linen results in stunning originality in each design, giving each item its own personality.

Whatever the decor of your living room, our range of artisanal cushion covers and throws from the workshops of Stamperia Bertozzi has something for it. Not only does it offer a variety of designs and hues, but a selection of luxurious fabrics too. From the finest Italian linen and waffled linen to hemp, this range ensures that your living room will not only look spectacular, but its textiles will provide the utmost comfort too.

Linen Cushion Covers

Our collection of pure linen cushion covers is sure to satisfy any and every taste. Whether you prefer floral motifs for a timeless look, bold prints for a modern twist, or gingham designs for a balance of classic and contemporary, the broad offering of this range means that it is guaranteed to provide the finishing touch to your interior. Cushions are a must for making your lounge's seating more comfortable. Selecting covers that fit your chosen colour scheme will blend harmoniously with your living room's upholstery, furniture, ornaments or rug - this can be achieved either through complementary pieces or matching sets. Cushion covers are perfect for adding punctuations of your personal style, and nowhere is it more crucial to express this character than in your home’s most intimate room. Add natural patterning or bold injections of colour with a linen cushion cover and admire the transformation of your relaxation space.

Hemp Cushion Covers

Featuring a stylish hand-printed design, these cushion covers are fashioned from high-quality hemp linen that will ensure comfort in your living space. Hypoallergenic and with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, hemp fabric cushion covers can be placed around the living room in the knowledge that they will be soothing to your skin and that of your family and friends. As you sit back on your soft furnishings to watch a film or catch up over a home-made drink, our hemp cushion covers will be an elegant addition to your immediate surroundings.

Linen Throws

A good throw is a staple piece of homeware for any living room. No matter whether you are cosying up by the fireplace in winter or winding down after a busy summer’s day, your comfiness will remain constant with our linen throws, as the soft fabric is both naturally insulating and breathable. You may prefer the hand-painted throws woven from waffle linen, or you may favour the hand-printed, statement blankets for your living room; either way, our fringed linen throws promise to accentuate the cosiness as you get settled on your sofa or in your armchair.

Hemp Throws

As your guests enter your living space, a hemp throw will be sure to exemplify the way you have made your house a home. Leaving the blanket folded or draped over the arm of your furniture exhibits its Italian workmanship even when it is not being used, while kicking back underneath it oozes a welcoming homeliness. Our eye-catching, hand-printed hemp linen throws will not only give your living room a rustic charm, but they will also provide an exquisite texture that heightens your tranquility.