The Tapinassi family craft their ceramics exclusively by hand. Once they have created each form by coiling the clay, they take the item through a process of drying, finishing and sponging, before placing them into the oven for the first firing at 1000 degrees. This is called the “toasting” stage.

Then, during the enamelling stage, they treat each item with compressed air to remove any dust, which would stop the enamel coating from sticking to the clay. They coat each creation with the enamel, by hand, by either spraying the item or dipping it into the enamel. It is then ready for the final decoration stage.

Decorating each item by hand, the painter applies one colour after another until they achieve the depth and balance of colour they are looking for. The Tapinassi family use recycled glazes with ingredients included to make the colours fuse at a temperature of 940 degrees centigrade.

The item is then carefully – very carefully! – positioned inside the oven to avoid contact with anything else. After 18 hours of firing, the final work of art emerges beautifully and brightly coloured with a classic glossy surface.

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Take a look at this video of Ceramiche Tapinassi creating their wonderful ceramics!