The Tanucci family have been creating the highest quality hand-finished Italian copper cookware since 1790. Their foundry, situated on the Aso River, still has its ancient hydraulic wheels and fusion oven and hammers. It is home to one of the most historic forms of craftsmanship found in the Italian region of Marche.

From time immemorial, the copper quarries have provided the raw material for the creation of many traditional utensils. And the coppersmiths – who came from all over Italy – shaped and moulded the utensils using only their hammers and their expert eye.

Today, the Tanucci family have moved on to use modern techniques during the processing stage. But they still treasure their hammers and guard them with great care. They are priceless and hold irreplaceable and treasured memories. Through every generation, the Tannuccis have handed down their experience with – and their passion for – their hammers. And they are still central to the process of working the copper.

Today, the Tanuccis’ revered creations carry with them all of this history. Their designs are timeless and they are built with such artisan quality that they can last a lifetime.

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