Founded in 1949 by three brothers, Tessitura Pardi is a family-run company producing the finest quality Italian linens in Montefalco, an enchanting village in Umbria, in the very heart of Italy.
Seeking to preserve and continue the tradition of weaving that for centuries has been prevalent in Umbria, the Pardi brothers have reached beyond their original aims – their designs have become synonymous with Italian luxury linens and are now renowned around the world.

Their achievements are based on their exceptional ability to translate traditional Renaissance patterns and Umbrian folk motifs into elegant contemporary designs. They are also inspired by the Umbrian landscape and the modern world around them, including the sky, the earth, and the stones and bricks of the houses nestled in the hills in the Umbrian hills. Crucially, though, they have always maintained their close bond with Italian culture, decorative styles and the arts.

The fibres that Tessitura Pardi use are always natural and precious – 100% linen, 100% cotton, or 50-50% linen-cotton blends. They provide a softness to the touch that is very rare to find. Their artisan craftsmen employ traditional techniques that have been refined over hundreds of years, using shuttle power looms at Pardi’s mill in Umbria to weave their world-class fabrics.

The stunning, vibrantly coloured fabrics they create come purely from natural dyes. And these colours are allied with the most incredibly detailed finishes that Pardi linens provide. The impression that this combination of colour and design creates is one that is revered the world over. It’s no coincidence that Pardi linens are to be found in the very finest homes.

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