The Bucci workshop (or, perhaps more accurately, laboratory) was founded in 1961 in Pesaro, a beautiful and historic town in the Marche region, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The early years from 1961-1966 saw a very close collaboration between Franco Bucci and his founding partners – Nanni Valentini, Philip Duplicate and Roberto Pieraccini.

Bucci developed his craft with educational inspiration from the legendary Italian architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass, in Milan. Alongside his founding partners, Bucci’s declared aim was to create useful objects of the finest and most ambitious designs, using a material that is still little known in Italy – stoneware.

The endeavours of Bucci and his founding partners attracted the attention of artists, potters and intellectuals who closely followed the developments of this rare and artistically-driven collective. These followers included highly noted architects, historians and artists who found fascination in their intense focus on unique and innovative works of art. As Bucci and his partners reported, the early years were challenging – but extremely constructive.

Franco Bucci, alongside his wife Anna, continued to forge his path, inspiring his company’s direction for almost 30 years – from 1966 to 1995. He has continued to oversee their artistic output since that time, with his nephew, Gabriele, working under his mentorship.

Across the history of Italian ceramic works of the last 50 years, the Bucci laboratory is a central point of reference – renowned and respected for its tireless research and admirable experimentation.

To this day, Bucci and company understand how to look to the future without turning their back on the past. They remain an authentic, honest seed of creativity – a worthy tribute to Franco Bucci’s life dedicated to designing and creating objects so far removed from the staid impeccability of many modern designs.

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