The Blueprint hand-made collection by Stamperia Bertozzi brings together a beautiful range of porcelain dinnerware and pure Italian soft linen. Inspired by the blueprint cyanotype technique, the design is hand-painted and block printed by Stamperia Bertozzi, adding additional motifs such as flowers, plants and aquatic motifs. The same design has been carried through to the porcelain dinnerware too, using a stamping and painting process. Cyanotype as a photographic printing process dates back to the 1840s and was discovered by the English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel. It creates a striking cyan-blue coloured print, originally used for ‘blueprints’ by engineers. Hand-painted and block printed by Stamperia Bertozzi, this technique is used to add exquisite shades of blue to both the linen and porcelain ranges.

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