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We tend to choose what we like, or create our own style when it comes to home interiors rather than simply follow fashion trends, but we absolutely love the spring/summer 2015 aquamarine colour trend.
Aquamarine is so easy to work with, as it complements such a wide diversity of colours, patterns and styles.
Hazy watercolour romanticism has recently been announced as a key trend for spring/summer 2016, which has us equally excited!

Aquamarine is the colour of the sea and the beautiful clear summer sky, so aquamarine and other shades of blue/green are often associated with nature, peace, calmness, health, depth and stability. Blue symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence.
Aquamarine and blue are great colours to work with, as their unisex; so work in both male and female occupied living areas.
In an ideal world, the more passionate interior design lovers and artists in our hearts would probably like the opportunity to update our home décor every year, but re-decorating can be an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process.
Using neutral colours of furniture and décor is one interior design trick that gives you a blank canvas to work from. This way, when you are inspired to change or update your home interiors, you can simply add your chosen colour palette or styles by carefully selecting a few key accessories.
For example, if you are keen to update your living room with the current spring/summer 2015 colour trend of tangerine, you can simply paint one feature wall, and add a few complementary accessories; whereas if you already have quite a strong style throughout your entire home, it will be far much more work to completely re-decorate the entire style of the home.
Here are a few staple items for your living room that can blend with almost any style and colour theme:
1. Clear /glass candle sticks and jars for tea light candles
2. Clear/glass photo frames
3. Clear/glass coffee table
4. Beige, white, cream or light grey furniture
5. Neutral rugs and throws
6. Neutral colours
Here are a few accessories easily purchased to update the aquamarine/blue colour theme in your room:
1. Aquamarine centrepiece lampshade
2. Aquamarine candles (to put inside the clear candle stands/jars)
3. Aquamarine cushions (opt for a Moroccan or tribal patterns to add texture to the room)
4. Upcycle an old side table and paint aquamarine
5. Paint or wallpaper an aquamarine feature wall
6. Consider aquamarine wall vinyl stickers to save time, mess and money!

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