Creating the bohemian look in your home

Bohemian look Bedroom

The bohemian look is a growing trend in interior design for 2016. Taking its inspiration from a diverse range of sources, this look brings a relaxed vibe to your home.

The key ingredients for a boho look in the home are strong print patterns, floral designs, natural materials and a bold colour scheme. Combined, these items give the room a thrown-together feel that is comfortable and pretty to look at.

Here are our guidelines for creating a bohemian haven in your home.

60s & 70s chic

The bohemian look came to fruition in the 60s and 70s, where a relaxed hippie style was all the rage. Accordingly, the boho chic look includes unforgettable fringing, crochet designs, strong print patterns and floral designs to reflect this era of carefree happiness.

To add the bohemian look to your bedroom, ALLÓRA suggests using natural-toned linen materials for the bedspread, then adding some cushions that complement an earthy colour scheme. Why not try a bold design to really make it stand out?

Moroccan influence

Morocco is a beautifully welcoming place, with its bright colours, stunning architecture and brilliant sunshine. When creating a Moroccan-influenced design in your home, we recommend using natural materials such as linen or cotton, and choosing vibrant colours to bring the Moroccan feeling to life.

Our hand-woven linen tablecloth in yellow from our new Fiore di Lino line is perfect for adding the warmth of Morocco to your kitchen. Accessorise with mosaic place setting, bright plates and excellent food.

Bold colours

One of the best parts of the bohemian look is the ability to play with colour freely. Rather than using one accent colour, you can use several! Jewel tones are best, followed by natural-tones such as a sandy beige or a natural cotton cream.

Our gorgeous Elisse green cushion cover is soft the the touch and absolutely unmissable in the living room. Pair it with a few other bright cushions from our Ellisse range to really commit to the boho look.

Header image: Credit to Decoholic

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