ALLÓRA recommends foodie blogger The Midnight Baker

The ALLÓRA team would like to introduce The Midnight Baker, otherwise known as Judy, a former mechanical engineer and current food writer and photographer. Judy is a fan of our beautiful baking dishes from Ceramiche Tapinassi, and we thought we would share her beautiful blog with our customers to show you what can be done with this cookware line.

If you are a fan of a hearty food, please visit her website and see her recipes. She has used a few of our colourful baking dishes to create and display her food creations, so if you are looking for inspiration for your own cooking, take a look at her blog! One of her most recent recipes, KFC copycat fried chicken, uses the handmade ceramic baking dish in rectangular red from Ceramiche Tapinassi, which you can buy for yourself here.   

The below images are from her Deep Dish Meat and Veggie Pot Pie and Cheesy Sausage and Potatoes Casserole recipes. Judy has used our lovely yellow and gorgeous green cookware to create these fantastic recipes, which you can make for yourself at home!

Thank you Judy for letting us use your wonderful photographs, and thank you for featuring ALLÓRA products on your blog!

One thought on “ALLÓRA recommends foodie blogger The Midnight Baker

  1. Judy says:

    Words can’t describe how I LOVE these bakers! Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they cook so evenly that everything you make in them comes out perfectly. Clean up is easy too. That’s the mark of excellent-quality bakeware–perfect results and totally non stick.

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