How to use Pantone’s Colours of 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity

Every year, Pantone – the paint creator renowned across the interior design and artistic industries – releases its key hues for the year.

This year, the beautiful shades are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a warm rosy tone, much like a light salmon pink, and Serenity is a lilac-blue blend.  The colours symbolise a soothing calmness, designed to counteract the stresses of everyday life in 2016. They act as yin and yang, blending together for a more powerful look.

Read our suggestions below for adding these gorgeous hues to your home to bring tranquility and calm to your everyday living experience.

In the kitchen

A hint of pink in the kitchen can warm a cooler-toned room. Bring a little frivolity into your home with a set of light pink tableware or a pink-hued tablecloth. Our newest Sardine range has a lovely pink tablerunner that’s perfect for a cute addition to your kitchen, or you can add a more culinary theme with our pink Forchette range.

Alternatively, choose a blue tone to catch the eye on the dining table. A cooler tone can bring a cleaner look to a fussy room, and Pantone’s Serenity tone is ideal for introducing a calmer atmosphere. Our Colombino tableware has just the shade to do the trick.

In your wardrobe

Though winter is still upon us, you can look forward to spring with a beautiful Rose Quartz or Serenity addition to your wardrobe. Our handmade pure linen scarves add a bit of welcome colour into your wardrobe with the minimum of fuss.

In the living room

The living room is a space that can often become overwhelmed with digital devices and storage. By taking an evaluating look at the soft furnishings in our homes, we can easily create a more sensitive atmosphere into this busy space.

Our Foglia large cushion cover is comfortable and soothing, with its floral pattern and light blue tone bringing a natural air to any living room.

A cup of tea curled up on the sofa can be soothing, but what better way to make a warming drink seem better than a beautiful pastel shade glass? Our hand-blown glassware collection features a similar tone to Rose Quartz.

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