2016 interior design trends


It may be a little premature, but we are already rather excited about the spring/summer 2016 interior design trends.
The three upcoming trends have been named Focus, History 2.0 and Bio-dynamic.

The Focus trend brings the material world into ‘Focus,’ and offers a high-definition sensory overload of photographic prints, floral patterns and veils and tints adding a hazy romanticism to every room brought into ‘Focus.’
Watercolour beautifully represents the Focus trend in all its artistic glory, with a strong emphasis on porcelain, biscuit ceramic, mirrored, gloss, tinted and frosted glass accessories.
The History 2.0 trend re-creates real histories inspired by pre-extinction and ancient craft techniques. The History 2.0 is touted to breathe new life into the retro design and art-deco looks.
Think caveman meets nature in a pool of bone-like ceramics, horn, tortoiseshell, stone, bamboo and cast metal accessories. Gold gilt, bronze and silver finishes will make a powerful entrance along with frock formations, fossils and caveman-style paintings. We can’t wait to see this trend come to life!
The third spring/summer 2016 trend is aptly named Bio-dynamic, inspiring interiors that are melted, dragged elastic and gooey. Hand-blown glass, glazed glass and thick glossy glazed ceramics will be key, along with 1980s abstract and growing organism textures. Interiors and accessories will be cactus and ocean-inspired, as well as intelligent patterns and prints inspired by cell formation.
In our modern world, we often quickly become bored with the limited space around us. The easiest way to save money, time and hassle on re-decorating to incorporate new colour trends and themes is to use a blank canvas of neutral furniture and walls in each room, and simply add a few carefully hand-selected accessories. If you already have any of the above SS16 trends evident throughout your home interiors, we’d love to see and share your photos!


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