Interior Design Trends for Spring 2016

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Spring is in the air, and with the warmer weather comes refreshing new interior design trends. This Spring, a welcome influx of brighter colours is expected, as well as the inclusion of mixed textures and a postmodern vibe. This season, interior designers are taking inspiration from both the old and the new to create a tactile and chic look to home décor.

Whatever your taste, there’s sure to be something for your home.

Bright and light colour schemes

Credit: Pantone

The Pantone prediction for this year’s colours seem to be spot on for spring. The dusky pink of Rose Quartz and the soft blue of Serenity are perfect for the beginning of the warmer months. As Pantone themselves have shown, the colours translate well for interior décor, bringing a brighter look for spring. Why not experiment with a pale shade of pink for a wall colour, such as Benjamin Moore’s Misty Rose?

Mixed textures


This spring is all about mixing old with new, soft with hard, rough with smooth. This trend sees the combination of more modern metallic looks with the natural warmth of wood furniture, as well as the blending of rougher textures such as wool with soft cottons, linens and silks. Of the trends predicted for Spring 2016, this is perhaps the easiest to achieve at home, as soft furnishings can be updated and modern elements introduced through the addition of metallic accents and natural products.

Postmodernist styles

Credit: Wikipedia

Italy is bringing a strong influence to interior design this spring, with inspiration taken from the Memphis Group, an Italian design firm founded by Ettore Sottsass in the early 1980s. This bold approach to interior design incorporates geometric designs, bright and sometimes clashing colours, and sculpted acrylic.

This interior design trend can be tricky to pull off in the home, but the look can work when used as a statement piece. For example, the Memphis-designed cube below could work as a fun addition to a work space.


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