The summer 2015 interior design trends

The summer 2015 interior design trends

Interior design trends and styles are always changing, so what are the summer 2015 interior design trends? First up, we have coastal (below); a beautifully rustic and shabby chic upgrade on the much loved nautical style. Coastal incorporates more natural materials, and a beach chic approach to our home interiors. Think seashells, sea blue walls, grey stone, weathered shabby chic surfaces and warm sandy tones of beige.
The coastal theme is fairly easy to achieve with a few carefully selected accessories to bring the look to life.

The second summer 2015 interior trend is tropical bright; incorporating lots of loud and bold colours, geometric prints, loud accents of neon hues, bright florals, tropical bird prints and a slightly eclectic look. This interior theme takes a little more planning and skill to pull off, but a few well-selected accessories or pieces of furniture can be a far more affordable way to achieve the look.

Calm white (below) is an upgrade on the minimalist favourite of using all-white interiors. Calm white incorporates beautiful soft hues of neutral colours, stripes and natural textures instantly creating a peaceful environment and great canvas to work with for future interior design trends.

Soft and sweet (above) is a timeless and classic style, incorporating pastel colours to create a spring-time aura in your home.

We absolutely love this look, as it ticks so many style boxes.

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