Allora’s 4 must-have interior design trends for 2015

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Anyone can copy the latest trends and fashion, but it takes a little something extra to create a beautifully charismatic and unique home, so here are Allora’s 4 must-have interior design trends for 2015.1. Industrial
We are huge fans of the industrial trend, as we love all things rustic, artisan and unique.
To achieve the industrial trend, switch chrome and stainless steel fixtures for metals in brass, copper and rose colours.   Bare bulbs and upcycled dated furniture really bring the look to life, and you can inject your own personality by having fun with the colour hues and furniture styles you work with.   Charity shops can be great places to find dated furniture at affordable prices which you can upcycle.   It’s also worth checking out as people give their unwanted furniture away for free on there, in your local area…


2. Introduce artisan accessories
The homes that impress the most are those homes who effortlessly pull off interior trends injected with beautifully crafted artisan products; whether that be Italian ceramic tableware, luxury linen tablecloths, cushions or bespoke items. We love the story and history associated with Italian artisan accessories in particular, hence why we started Allora.
Artisan interior accessories work particularly well with rustic, shabby chic, modern and/or Italian country home style interiors. A few accessories really bring the look to life and complement a unique home décor style.

3. Earthy & ethnic
We love that travel the inspiration behind the 2015 interior design mood board, and love the stunning bright colours of the Middle East in particular. This is a trend you can really have fun with, either using subtle hues and patterns or going all-out and bringing the Middle East into your home.

4. Rustic and natural
As big lovers of nature, simplicity and unique charisma, we love the charismatic qualities achieved in using rustic and natural styles, textures and materials. There is nothing more unique than making or sourcing your own unique rustic home ware rather than opting for all mass-commercially manufactured goods.

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