Spirit of Summer Fair 2015

We were fortunate enough to spend a delightful four days at the Spirit of Summer Fair last week. Not only was it the perfect place to showcase the beautiful work from our designers, and relish the compliments and attention that they received; but we also really enjoyed the unique charming atmosphere and the lovely people that we encountered. We had a wonderful time perusing the other stalls. The Spirit of Summer Fair is meticulously organised and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who runs an independent boutique, is a designer, artisan or seller or even those who just want a memorable day out and the chance to buy some exceptional produce.

The event was held at the majestic London Olympia, in association with House & Gardens magazine.

We were run off our feet, for the duration of the fair but really enjoyed the creative atmosphere and were so pleased with how successful the event was for us. Our products received a great deal of attention, with our artisanal Italian ceramic cookware and our Foglia collection of hand-printed table linen being firm favourites. It was such a pleasure to introduce new customers to our beloved ranges, and to find new homes for our exquisite hand-crafted items.

Our Colombino Ovenware really captures the heart of Italian craftware and the essence of family life and cuisine which is so integral to Italian culture. We are very proud of our rustic coiled range of pots, mugs, plates, trays, dishes and bowls with their vivid colours. It was such a pleasure to see how visitors to our stand were just as enchanted with these designs as we are.

Our ceramic display at the Spirit of Summer Fair.

Our cookware display at the fair.
Another favourite was the Foglia Collection of hand-printed table linen. The bespoke natural crumpled Italian linen certainly deserves the attention. It has a quiet understated beauty that adds flair and a sense of the refined to any dining area. Fusing a sense of nostalgia in the delicate design with beautifully crisp linen that drapes with the most refined flourish.

Our Foglia Collection is a popular gift, as well as being a beautiful dressing for the family table.

The Foglia Collection of linen works beautifully with our ceramic ranges. These were our most popular artisan creations at the Spirit of Summer Fair last week.

Even though we certainly had our hands full dealing with enthusiastic and passionate customers for the duration of the event, we couldn’t resist exploring other exhibitor’s displays. The standard of produce was especially high and we found some real gems while we were there.

Our particular favourites included Atelier Nomad whose unique inspiration comes from a fusion of ideas involving capturing the cosy delight of home comforts while embracing the free spirit of the nomad. They offer a beautiful range of handmade creations that can be taken on your travels, so you always have that connection with home. Their hand-knitted apparel incorporates soft yarns in beautifully muted colour palettes with the occasion splash of vibrant red or azure blue.

We were blown away by William Holland’s range of stunning copper baths and basins. They would make such a stroking feature in any home and would suit traditional and contemporary environments.

This enamelled tub is such a beautiful shade of blue and the sweeping curve of the tap adds such finesse.

This display of mini tubs really highlights the diversity of the range. Such a beautiful array of varied finishes, colours and materials.

We were drawn in by Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Couture. She offers a wide range of beautiful homeware from furniture to bedding to lighting solutions. She even has a sophisticated range of baby furnishings. Each piece has been lovingly chosen by Rachael and reflects a certain grace and charm which lies at the heart of her work.

This display is a beautiful example of the unique timeless quality of her wares.
At the end of a long day, we really relished the chance to relax on the sofa at the April Russell stand. April’s interior design projects focus on bringing out the beauty and character in a space while exhibiting her client’s art collections. There is a real sense of harmony to her work, and we were so grateful for the chic comfort of the sofa.

We are really looking forward to next year’s show and want to thank everyone who dropped by to say hello, those who delighted in the ranges that we are so deeply proud of and all of the other exhibitors. Thank you to everyone who made the Spirit of Summer 2015 such a successful event. We enjoyed every moment, and it was a real pleasure to be surrounded by others who share our passion for beautiful artefacts, artisan creations and exquisite designs. We had such an enjoyable time, and we are sure all of the visitors and other exhibitors found the experience highly memorable too.

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