DIY ideas for your garden

DIY ideas for garden

Summer is the most precious season of the year, especially as we do not have many summer days in the UK, so here are some beautiful DIY ideas for your garden.1. Mood lighting
Create simple and inexpensive mood lighting with this rather spectacularly simple idea. Put glow sticks into balloons filled with water, tie tightly, place in a stocking and hang around your garden. These mood lights work particularly well hanging from trees.

2. For a rustic look, fill an old wheelbarrow with ice to make a creative ice bucket for your garden party refreshments.

3. When the weather allows, create a beautiful outdoor party feel with mattresses, cushions, mood lighting and perhaps even a projector screen to watch movies.

4. Make a rustic swing;
• 2 by 6 piece of wood at least 6 foot long
• 1 inch rope
• 16- 3 inch screws
• 16 washers (Hubby says 2 by sixes are not really 2 inches, so he used the washers to make sure the screws did not poke out the other side.)
• Stain or paint (optional)
• (drill, saw other misc. tools)
Follow the instructions on how to make the swing here
5. Make citronella tiki torches;
• Mason jar
• Drill with 3/8” drill bit
• Scissors
• Needle nose pliers
• Copper coupling reducer, 3/8” x ¼”
• Fiberglass tiki torch wick
• Citronella tiki torch fuel
• Wire for hanging
Follow the instructions on how to make the torches here; make-mason-jar-citronella-torches

6. Make a beautifully rustic wood slice candle centerpiece for you indoor, or outdoor, table. Follow the instructions on how to make this piece of nature’s art here wood-slice-candle-centrepiece

7. Buy some solar panel fairy lights to drape around your plants, fence, seating area and trees. Mood lighting adds a beautiful ambiance to your outdoor space, creating a homely and comfortable environment

We hope you enjoy making some of these beautiful creations. We’d love to see and share your finished photos, send them in to us!

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