Copper Kitchenware: The history of copper

copper kitchenware

The History of Copper

Along with gold, copper is the oldest metal known to man. These two beautiful metals were discovered in their native form in ancient times, where their distinctive and eye-catching colours made them more visible and enchanting.

Copper artefacts have been uncovered throughout history, with the oldest known copper article being a pendant that dates back to 9000BC. It was found in Asia Minor.

Ancient civilisations from all over the world were fascinated with copper. It’s earliest purpose was as a form of decoration or adornment. In China, India, Peru and Rome, this metal was fashioned into distinctive jewellery and accessories. People were drawn to its beauty and artists found it easy to manipulate. To this day, copper still serves this purpose.

Later on, people discovered that bronze and copper had a low melting point, making them easy to cast into different forms. Once these metals had been worked, they became very hard. This unique combination of qualities meant that copper and bronze became very valuable as well as useful. They were used to forge tools, weapons and bowls. To this day, copper bowls are a striking and hard-wearing item.
In the modern world, copper still has many uses. Being waterproof, it is ideal for construction work and can be found in plumbing, cladding and roofing. It is light weight and durable, making it an excellent resource. Lightning rods and electrical wiring are also frequently made of copper due to its excellent abilities to conduct electricity. Copper is used to construct a number of different modern vehicles. It is also used in household fixtures, kitchenware, sculptures and decorative art.

Copper and Design Today

Aside from its industrial and technology uses, copper is still used in decorative art. It is fascinating that despite its new found uses, many people still use it in the same manner it was used in ancient civilisation. Taking this metal back to its original purpose seems very special. It means that every piece of art or beautifully designed object that is formed from copper has a fascinating heritage and comes steeped in story and intrigue. This connection with the past gives a timeless feel that is ideal for home décor. No matter whether you opt for traditional interiors or a more contemporary style, you can guarantee that copper will fit in perfectly.
The copper design trend is one that can be embraced fully by replacing major fittings in your kitchen and investing in everything copper from taps above the sink to a revamp in kitchenware. If you are captivated by the copper décor trend but want to just use subtle elements then you may wish to pick out a few select items such as a range of copper kitchenware, copper-toned kitchen handles and perhaps some antique ornaments.

The interior trend of this metal can extend beyond the kitchen; photoframes, mirrors, light fixtures and ornamental bowls all look fantastic in the burnished metal.

Using Copper in Cookware


The most practical way to indulge in the copper décor trend is to invest in some quality copper kitchenware. Not only do copper saucepans look beautiful, sophisticated and stylish but they also have a number of benefits when it comes to cooking.
Nowadays people are thinking more about their food, where is it sourced? Is it ethical? Is it free from pesticides? We are drawn towards organic, locally-sourced seasonal produce. We are considering the health implications of our dietary choices. Yet, many people mindlessly throw their carefully-selected food into contaminated cookware. Copper is known to be the healthiest, cleanest sort of kitchenware as it is minimally processed.
This metal is also exceptional at conducting heat. It has 25 times the thermal conductivity of stainless steel and is five times more conductive than cast iron. Copper heats up quickly and uses energy more efficiently than the kitchenware alternatives. Renowned chefs and people who are serious about food often opt for copper kitchenware as it is so effective. It is also beautifully hard-wearing. Copper cookware is immensely resilient and can be restored too, meaning it will literally last for centuries. You might want to start making a note of your home-cooking recipes so that your grandchildren can enjoy them, as it is likely they’ll be using your copper kitchenware. It really will last that long.



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