How to declutter your home this summer

If we’re honest, the majority of us are probably slight to moderate ‘hoarders,’ never quite being able to part with the things we’re pretty sure we’ll never actually need or use, so here are a few tips on how to declutter your home this summer.

A clean home really does equal a clean mind.   There’s nothing worse than trying to feel relaxed in our own space, which has been overrun by clutter, or never being able to find things we need quickly or easily. A decluttered home helps us feel organised, and helps make daily life that little less stressful.

So what are the three rules to abide by when decluttering our homes?
1. Everything should have a home
2. Don’t ignore items that need to find a home
3. If you don’t use it, lose it!

Unless you really get into the oh-so-rare manic spring clean mode, do one room at a time per day. This breaks the process into quicker and easier steps. To get started;

Start with your living room first
• Label 3 boxes or bin bags;
o Keep
o Donate
o Throw
• Start with drawers, then gradually move around the room, placing everything in the correct box/bag
• Take the throw items out to the bin before you change your mind, and start pulling things back out of the bag that you will never actually need or use
Re-arrange the living room with your box/bag of items to keep. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer and spacious your room looks!

Once you’ve completed your living room declutter, you can then decide whether it’s time to redecorate the room.   A few new accessories or feature wall paper can really bring a new lease of life to a room, and you can do this on the smallest of budgets.
If you’d like to update your home décor now but are not sure of the current trends, check out our 2015 interior design trends here
Once you’ve completed the living room, use this system to do every room in your house.

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