4 Italian styles to incorporate into your home

4 Italian styles to incorporate into your home


We may be biased due to our undeniable passion for all things Italian, but it’s inarguable that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so here we’ve listed 4 Italian styles to incorporate into your home.
A complete refurbishment of your home is not necessary in order to incorporate an Italian theme; a few carefully selected materials and Allora shop accessories can bring the look to life quickly, easily and cost effectively.1. Terra cotta
Terra cotta is a highly popular material used in Italy due to its ceramic quality that retains pigment from clay.   In Italian homes, Terra cotta is used both inside and outside for floors and walls.
Kitchens, in particular, can often look a little cold and soulless. Terra cotta brings warmth and character instantly when used on the walls or floor to make a refreshing change from plain tiles.


2. Roman Cypresses
Also known as Italian Cypress, this foliage is highly popular in European gardens. As an additional benefit of planting Italian Cypresses into your garden, cosmetically, it is used as an astringent, firming, anti-dandruff, anti-aging and even as a fragrance. Position in pairs or more for a more dramatic look

3. Marble
Used since Roman times, marble brings an instant air of luxurious style to any room, particularly kitchens and bathrooms. The famous marble quarries of Carrara, found in Tuscany, tend to be the marble materials favoured by most stonemasons. Marble is highly durable, and is a classic and timeless style that never goes out of fashion. Marble also works well with all sorts of trends and styles, making it a great investment for your home.


4. Roman blinds
Roman blinds are an easy way of incorporating instant Italian style points into your home, and can look far more stylish (in addition to often being far more affordable) than curtains.

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