Top Interior Design Trends for 2024

interior design trends 2024

As we welcome a new year, we are turning our attention to the top interior design trends for 2024. Whether you follow interior trends religiously and like to make updates each year, or you are planning some renovations for the year ahead and you want to consider the latest interior trends in your plans, here are the styles and designs to make note of for 2024…

Sculptural Art

Italian design bookcase near a classic wood words


Wall art has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years. From statement pieces to wall hangings and sculptures, making use of the vertical space that we have for many people just makes sense. This increase in interest in wall art has translated into a greater interest in all types of sculptural art, from wall sculptures to freestanding pieces. From smooth and flowing designs, to textured finishes and everything else in between, in 2024 sculptures are big in interiors.

Try sculptural wall hangings, or even more practical pieces such as sculpture-like bowls and centrepieces that utilise organic shapes, unique materials and finishes.

A Step Back from Technology

wooden cosy snug

Credit: House & Gardens

The ‘Smart Home’ was huge a few years ago with many of us updating our homes to feature more screens and more voice activated features. While for many this was practical and time saving, some of us are now choosing to take a step back from technology in our homes due to the fact that we find being ‘plugged in’ and ‘switched on’ all the time to be draining.

2024 calls for simplifying our spaces, removing tech to create a more calming and tranquil space – a home that’s comforting, just as a home should be. Instead of filling our homes with tech in 2024, we are focusing on natural materials like wood and linens, texture, feel-good colours and filling shelves with books instead of screens.

Bold and Playful Colours

ombre wall paint bathroom with a coloured enamel bathtub

Credit: Annie Sloan

There’s set to be more of a focus on colours instead of neutrals in 2024. The wonderful thing about this trend is that it can be interpreted in your own way and in a way that celebrates your own sense of taste. Vibrant colours are at the focus of 2024, but if colour isn’t usually your thing, you can use it in ways that still feels subtle. You can go as big as you want with this trend, introducing just touches of bold colour through elements such as artwork, soft furnishings and decorative pieces, or you can choose to go all in with bright wall colours, kitchens and even bathroom fittings.

Personalised Maximalism

Maximalism is typically translated as a ‘more is more’ look, but this year, maximalism is getting a personalised update. In 2024, it’s all about styling your home with pieces of meaning. Instead of investing in items that we love just because of how they look, more of us are looking to use pieces in our home that have personal meaning to us – the sort of thing that if someone asked you about it, there would be a story to tell.

This means picking up pieces on your travels, celebrating family heirlooms and antiques, investing in designs made by artisans that are close to heart, or products that are made from materials that you love, or using techniques that you admire. This could also be translated to buying pieces that are made in places that mean something to you. When we fill our homes with meaningful items, we have a greater sense of belonging.

Quiet Luxury

Interior design trend 2024

Credit: Beata Heuman

When we think of ‘luxury’ in interiors, materials such as gold and velvet might spring to mind, or huge chandeliers and marble topped islands. This year it’s all about ‘quiet luxury’, focusing on high quality materials and craftsmanship in a more subtle way. Think luxury but relaxed – avoid super sleek finishes and clean sterile looks. Instead focus on comfort, avoiding that ‘show home’ look, while not compromising on quality. Luxury doesn’t have to mean showy, luxury can be translated in a different way, with the most important factor being beautiful craftsmanship and materials.

Curved Lines

Curved sofa interior trends 2024

Credit: Iside Out

This year it’s all about softening edges in favour of curves. Square and rectangle tables are out and curvy lines are in. From sofas and tables to sculptures and decorative pieces, curves are softer and generally feel more calming. Perfect for enhancing the flow of a space, curved lines and edges help you move more naturally and with ease around a room.

Artisan Made Decor

Italian artisan hand-painting silk scarf

Gianluigi Bertozzi hand-painting a silk scarf

More and more of us are choosing to support small businesses and invest in unique handmade pieces, which has seen a drive behind a desire for more rustic looking pieces, rather than polished and perfectly finished mass produced items. We are now favouring filling our homes with pieces full of charm and character, and that’s something that mass produced decor just doesn’t have.

Many people are now seeing the value in supporting small businesses and how any handmade item feels so much more valuable and cherished. This is creating a shift towards investing in more unique pieces this year, which links with our desire to style our homes with pieces of meaning too.

As you can see, 2024 is set to be a very interesting year in interiors, with a variety of trends that can be interpreted in a number of ways to suit your own tastes.

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